Xiaomi Mi5: Spy Images and Technical Specifications Leaked all Over the Internet, Release Possible in the Next Few Weeks, More Details


The Xiaomi Mi5 continues to be elusive, even after reports suggesting its official unveil spread like wildfire! Let’s be honest, after the phenomenal success achieved by the Mi3 and Mi4, the upcoming flagship is one of the most awaited devices of the year.

If the initial rumors are to be believed, Xiaomi plans to break all previous records with the upcoming benchmark-setting smartphone. One of the most anticipated features to be inculcated is the fingerprint scanner.

Xiaomi is expected to follow the footsteps of Apple and Samsung in this regard! Initially rumored to be revealed on July 16th, the Xiaomi Mi5 will take on the OnePlus Two, head on. However, instead of launching the much-awaited smartphone, the Chinese conglomerate revealed the super thin Xiaomi TV.

The latest spy image on the internet is showcasing a prototype with an end-to-end screen with no bezel. While this is rumored to be the upcoming Mi5, we cannot confirm since Xiaomi is yet to make a formal announcement.

Could this be the Mi5? For one, the prototype looks fairly similar to the Xiaomi Mi Note, which is a primary reason for all the speculation! As of now, numerous release dates are doing the rounds, the most prominent of which are August 5th and 16th. Experts also suggest that Xiaomi is planning to follow Apple in terms of launching two devices with close-enough specs.

Reports suggest that Xiaomi is planning to launch a basic version of the Mi5 in a 5.2-inch avatar while a 5.7-inch variant, christened Mi5 Pro or Plus is likely to launch simultaneously. We will get to the technical specifications (rumored) in a while, but first, we will discuss the probable release date.

While the Mi5 was initially expected to launch in July, 2015, the Mi4 launched back in November, 2014! The delay was caused due to the Snapdragon 810 chipset, which took more time than initially anticipated, in the research and development phase.

However, the 810 had its share of problems, primary among which was the overheating issue. The guys at Qualcomm have been busy working on a solution, which gives us hope of an impending release date. To top it off, rumors claim that the Mi5 is expected to release within the next three weeks, which certainly takes the energy a notch higher.

Xiaomi is rumored to release the elder cousin of the Mi5 – the Mi5 Pro or Plus – in November t his year. Both variants of the Mi5 are expected to sport top-of-the-line protection in the form of the Corning Gorilla Glass 4, along with 2.5D edges. The killer feature of the Mi5 is its 3GB RAM, which should make it the supercomputer of smartphones!

Xiaomi have also made some major upgrades in terms of the camera, as a 16 MP lens is available on the front along with a 13 MP secondary lens. The flagship further features a 3,000 mAh battery, giving you near-infinite hours of backup, in terms of smartphone technology. Combine this with a powerbank for maximum efficiency!

Xiaomi Mi5

The Xiaomi Mi5 is further expected to recharge its batteries from 0 – 30% within 40 minutes, which is another major reason for us to celebrate! Xiaomi is rumored to be using Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology, which is a boon. The massive hardware will be backed up by Android v5.1 out-of-the-box!

If you go by the spy images, not much have been revealed, although, it looks like the micro USB port is missing from the bottom side of the device. Xiaomi could have redesigned the entire product from the ground up, although, only a first-hand inspection will reveal the secrets!


  1. The specs are most likely just speculation, as I have read other websites that assume the mi5 is going to have a 16/18/20 MP rear camera, along with 4gb of ram. No one can know for sure until it’s actually released..

  2. Most expected mi 5 with great speculations like 4gb ram and 820 snapdragon with powerful and quick charging.. Finger print scanner and slim phone may lead mi5. Xiaomi another flagship