X-Men: Apocalypse Called Boring And Dated, Deadpool Promotes The Film In Japan, Series Based On Legion Being Worked On!


The X-Men: Apocalypse has met with a lot of criticism with the film being called confusing and messy. There are some critics who have come out to reveal that the movie looked dated and would have had the same review even five years ago.

The popular franchise was given a reboot with X-Men: First Class and it was a huge success followed by Days of Future Past. The producers had hoped that a similar fate awaits X-Men: Apocalypse, but this clearly wasn’t the case.

The popular franchise was given a reboot with X-Men: First Class and it was a huge success followed by Days of Future Past. The producers had hoped that a similar fate awaits X-Men: Apocalypse, but this clearly wasn’t the case.

The film might not have been a huge hit, but it did good business with a $528 million worldwide collection. The film took the viewers to the first mutant, Apocalypse and showed how the X-Men came together to fight him and stop the world from complete destruction. Given that Wolverine is leaving the X-Men at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, Breathcast has reported that the upcoming X-Men is going to focus on the Dark Phoenix.

Den of Geek stated that the main reason for the failure of X-Men: Apocalypse was that the film felt repetitive, and there was nothing new for the viewers in it. The same characters of Charles Xavier and Magneto have been watched by the fans of the franchise, and their feuds have become the stuff that most X-Men films are dealing with.

Every movie, including X-Men: Apocalypse has tried to establish that in spite of being different, both Xavier and Magneto are very similar, and they each exist because of the other. Some fans have complained that X-Men: Apocalypse has dealt with the same aspect again, and this is where the movie becomes dated and boring.

The premise of Professor Xavier introducing Jean Gray to the team of mutants have been time and tested for over 50 years now since it was first released in the comic X-Men, later changed to Uncanny X-Men.

There are some fans of the franchise who feel that the films should move beyond Charles Xavier and Magneto and see how the mutants would fare with some other leader. The mutants have a lot of villains to be preoccupied with, and it’s going to be interesting to see how a character like Wolverine, Storm, and even Cyclops can lead the team of X-Men.

There is something about the young and the vulnerable that always pulls in the sympathy, and this is one aspect that X-Men franchise can explore in the upcoming films. Focus on the teenagers who have been brought into the life of the mutants and villains, who are lost and are completely clueless about their identity. It is the human emotion that makes a film about villains and superhero relatable, and this is where X-Men: Apocalypse failed.

X-Men Apocalypse

The films by Bryan Singer have always dealt with the young mutants and have tried to depict their struggles and tribulation and how with the progression of the narrative, they become more and more adept with their powers. The process of getting used to the power and the world around them goes hand in hand with their knowledge about their powers and the way they can affect the world as a whole.

There has always been a distinct relevance to the general world when it comes to the superhero movies, and it is the same with X-Men. However, Commdigi News reported that Bryan Singer ultimately didn’t deal with this aspect in the X-Men: Apocalypse. He noted the allegorical level of the story, but then only mentioned it and moved beyond.


  1. I am so sick of this. Fox makes their X-Men in the exact same light that Marvel / Disney makes The Avengers, with similar “problems” and X-Men gets the blunt of the criticism. For my money, X-Men: DOFP was the best crafted superhero film ever made. Singer was so confident in his abilities, he stuck his face in front of the camera. It took me a long time to spot him… even though he’s literally right in front of the camera. That’s a sign of a truly great film. Ask Alfred Hitchcock. So, I went into X-Men: Apocalypse trusting that Singer knows what he’s doing and the film totally delivered. Everyone would rather tear Singer’s X-Men apart for the pettiest reasons than just trust in the filmmaker to give them an experience in the X-Men universe. They would rather trust the fundamental cinematography in The Avengers films. It’s easier to follow.

  2. Hey, while I agree that Chuck vrs Magneto has got to end, its like if Bond was still dealing with Dr No, this was in no way a bad film. I liked the new kids, I liked Wolverines cameo. The film has got the team finally looking like the comic book by the last scene. Moving forward get rid of Lawrence and Magneto, have Chuck cameo.