World of Warcraft: Legion Release Date Not Specified While a New Way to Enter Wow Hidden Zone Has Been Discovered, More Details


In World of Warcraft, you will notice that around the northern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms, there is a zone that we can see on Azeroth’s map.

However, compared to all the other zones, it appears to be unmarked and it can only be accessed through some rather tricky ways. The purpose of this tiny area is unknown but speculations suggest that over the years, it was supposed to be the lush forest region of the Quel’thalas.

This was a Vanilla Zone that later got introduced in the game as the starting zone for the Blood Elves during The Burning Crusade Expansion. The plans regarding this zone since the Quel’thalas, was later scrapped and it remained as an unfinished chunk of land that was unreachable by the players.

However, as you might expect, this didn’t put a stop to the ambitions of explorers who wanted to reach this area and HeelvsBabyface’s clearly proves that. Anyone can go there with a series of tricky moves even without utilizing any form of private servers or trying anything unconventional.

You can reach this area through the Eastern Plaguelands’ Stratholme dungeon but check out the method for yourself or the fun could end up being spoilt! The video is a perfect tease for everybody. Reach this zone and you will notice a complete area full of missing textures, invisible walls and placeholders.

Right now, the leaves are turning and the weather is finally cooling down and a result, you can expect the citizens of Azeroth to celebrate the autumn season as well. There are various events that celebrate the fall and all of them are back. There are further recurring favorites all designed for the month of October.

WoW players can keep enjoying in various Brewfest activities that occurs throughout the first week of October and is followed by Hallow’s end which occurs later this month. At the moment, Brewfest will continue all throughout the first week of October.

Players have the chance to visit places like Orgimmar or Ironforge in order to complete quests, participate in various events and also keep racing rams during the event.

You can purchase things like Toy kegs, banners, and backpacks from the event’s Brewfest prize tokens. You can also purchase Battle Pets using these tokens. They include the Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, the Wolpertinger, and the Stout Alemental.

Meanwhile, the Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo mounts can only be purchased during the Brewfest, according to their references on the official site.

World of Warcraft

Fast forward a bit and on Hallow’s End, players will be able to celebrate the Halloween Holiday on 18th October. Players have the chance to horde the event’s currency which is Tricky Treats while carrying on with their trick and treat around Azeroth.

Through these treats, people can purchase a number of Hallow’s End battle pets which include the Feline Familiar or pug disguises, Halloween wands and much more. Keep in mind that this event is also the only way through which you can acquire The Horseman’s Reins and from the Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery, you can unlock a ghastly mount as loot.


  1. I Came back to WoW recently and have been rather dismayed at what i’ve found. It seems to me that it’s no longer viable for Blizzard to continuously correct or add time consuming high quality artwork to WoW.
    PVP is very broken specially at the lower levels. Looking around in the WoD I find very little real content, its all out doors, no substance to it at all, and the very few buildings you do see are of poor quality and there’s no entry at all.
    I have come to realize that Blizzard has moved on, they have several new games that are much more cost effective, giving them greater profit margins when it comes to the ratio of time, money and effert spent.

    The reason I am taking the time to write this is, is that even though it may be right for Blizzard to move on, it isn’t fair for them to continue to lead WoW fans on pretending that they still care about WoW.

    I believe that the new upcoming expansion is nothing more than a lure and to do even more of what we see now in WoD, which is very little real content and more shop items to buy. I do also believe that the game and it’s economy will be rigged to get players to spend more money.

    This is shameful, the WoW community has been extremely supportive of Blizzard not only in WoW, but in every game they have created since.

    Blizzard should come up with a better solution than what they are currently doing, I believe that they owe if to the WoW community.

  2. -They’re taking the focus on gear away from PVP entirely.
    -Artifact weapons.
    -New Hero Class (we needed this!)
    -Transmogs are going account-wide, which means the in-game economy will only be affected by transmogrification sales at the start of the xpac, and then very likely further balanced.
    -Artifact weapons.
    -Paying money for skins. Okay, really? No issue… entirely optional, as have been every one of Blizzard’s shop items. Mounts, pets, vanity items… none of them are needed to enjoy the game. People know this, but they do it anyways. Not because Blizzard told them to, but because the players WANTED to.
    -Optimized crafting involving a new material that is shared between professions.
    -Melee Survival Rangers 😀
    -Boomkins are getting a model update
    -More to come

    I’m excited to be able to wield the reforged remnants of Frostmourne, among other artifacts. My only beef will be if Fury Warriors don’t get Titan’s Fury for artifacts, as that’s the iconic reason for PLAYING a Fury.

  3. Also, nice article, Sina! Good work on making something original! 🙂

    Seen WAY too many copypasta’d articles about Legion, so this makes me happy!