Winds of Winter: Martin Still Not Out With the Release Date, Raises Fund for Wolves!


George R. R. Martin disclosed the finale of Winds of Winter in an interview with the Observer. Martin has said that the book after Winds of Winter will be A Dream of Spring. Martin had earlier said that the ending of the sixth book will be bittersweet in line with the ending of Lord of the Rings.

Martin said that J. R. Tolkien has been a great influence on him and he feels that hi ending to Lord of the Rings was the best ever. The book ended with a victory, but the victory was a bittersweet one and it changed the lives of the victor and those who were defeated forever. He has always loved the fantasy novel and is going to finish his series on a similar tone.

Martin had been facing a lot of flak from the book world because of his delay in finishing Winds of Winter. The previous book in the series, A Dance with Dragons released in 2011 and the fans have been waiting ever since then to find out what happens next.

Sean T. Collins who writes for Observer told George R. R Martin how he feels about becoming a name that everyone knows and talks about. He was initially someone who was only well-known in the world of books, but now with the Game of Thrones series being adapted from A Song of Ice and Fire series on television by HBO, he has become a household name.

Martin said that he would happily trade all the attention he gets for a life without. He even spoke about the media’s tendency to pick on each of his words and change the color of it.

Martin joked that the endless search for answers about Winds of Winter has made the media behave like flesh eating clarions. With the media hounding him for answers at every instant, he has become more cautious.

George R. R Martin had realised the importance of finishing Winds of Winter and had promised his fans that he is at it and will be done with the novel within this year. He had said that his public appearances and commitments are what keep him away from writing and he would make a conscious attempt at cutting them down, however, by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to have gone that way.

Marti did skip the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but fans had expected him to come out and announce that he is almost done with the upcoming novel, but that never happened. When the director of Game of Thrones Jack Bender said in a Reddit Q and A session that he had read the sixth book, there were a huge surge of excitement.

Martin immediately came out and played spoil-sport, informing his fans not to believe in rumors and that he would himself announce that he is done with Winds of Winter. Jack Bender has surprisingly not made any further comment on the issue and fans are of the opinion that he had made a huge PR mistake and hence was asked to keep quiet on the issue, unlike his usual nature.

Winds of Winter

Martin made an appearance at the Staten Island Yankee’s Richmond County Bank Ballpark to see the game between the home-side and Hudson Valley Renegades. The Yankees were named Direwolf on the occasion and they wore custom House Stark and House Lannister uniforms for the game. To make his appearance even more appealing, George R. R Martin went to the event accompanied by an arctic wolf.


  1. This jerk has teased and twisted us long enough on this book. I am done, and no longer interested. Won’t buy the book on principle now, and I have NEVER watched the series past the first couple disgusting shows. There isn’t much “book” in the series, really.