Voight Drama to Continue in Season 4 Of Chicago PD, Jay and Erin to Move in, Geraghty Leaves to Focus On Other Things!


Chicago PD had packed in a twist in the very last bit of the finale of Season 3. The fans had assumed that Sergeant Henry Voigt’s (Jason Beghe) journey to avenge the death of his son would end in Season 3 itself, but then they will now have to wait for the premiere of Season 4 to find out what’s in store.

Season 3 finale saw Voight investigating the body of a widow and he soon realizes that the widow has a connection with his son Jason. Before the team can get a clue about what is happening, Voight went on a killing spree to get the perpetrators who had killed his son. Jason had been brutally assaulted and was shot by someone and he had succumbed to his injuries.

Voight has always been a character who had been tormented by his past and to finally see him give vent to his pent up emotion is both heartening and terrifying. Voight will show a different side of him to the audience and it is not going to be pleasant. Voight had always had this destructive seed in him and it is now that his rights and wrongs are going to be completely blurred.

Matt Olmstead, the executive producer of Chicago PD has revealed that the most important question that will be deal with in Season 4 of Chicago PD is going to be how Voight is going to regain control of his self.

Apart from Voight, the other two characters who will be in focus in the coming season of Chicago PD will be Jay and Erin. The two have just decided to start living together and are now going to take baby steps to build their new life together. Olmstead said that it is time that these two take steps to further their relationship.

The first thing that they do is to buy a property together. Living in is not an easy task. One has to learn to adjust and share every little space of their personal life with another. Jay and Erin are independent individuals and it is not an easy task for them to adjust.

However, the creative team wants them to end up together and so do the audience, so it will be worth watching how they build their relationship.

Chicago PD Season 3 saw Shawn Roman deciding to leave the job. He had been shot in the field and since then had to be restricted to table jobs, which he isn’t ready to do. He wants to go out there along with his other team members and he decides that if can’t do that then there is no point in continuing at Chicago PD.

While this is a shocking twist in the finale, the viewers feel that it wasn’t a very smart one. Brian Geraghty’s character had started to become a series regular and fans were just starting to connect with his character, more so ever since his relationship with Burgess started.

Chicago PD

Matt Olmstead has come out to reveal that the decision to remove Roman wasn’t one take by the writers. It was Brian Geraghty who himself wanted to leave Chicago PD.

Olmstead informed Celebrity Dirty Laundry that Geraghty wanted to leave the show so that he could focus on other projects, He is a producer as well and wanted some time off to work on the projects that he has at hand.


  1. Voight is thoroughly evil and his behavior shows that. I have no desire to watch him doing more of the same.