Vikings Season 4: Time Jump Confirmed, Bjorn To Become The King!


History Channel is ready to be back with the story of Ragnar the Great, the Norse warrior. Viking Season 4 is going to premiere in March. There are speculations galore about the upcoming season. Some of these reports may contain spoilers so proceed with care.

Vikings Season 3 ended with Ragnar returning home after the siege of Paris. The battle of Paris had completely broken the warrior and Vikings Season 4 might see Ragnar Lothbrok succumbing to his injuries.

There were reports that Travis Fimmel is likely to make a shift to Hollywood from the world of television. He has already got his big break with the film Warcraft, where he is going to play the lead role of Andruin Lothan.

Since the Warcraft movie is based on the popular game, the movie is expected to be a huge success and with such a film in his kitty, Travis Fimmel couldn’t have imagined to have a better launch.

Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings and the producers of the show have been very forthcoming of Travis Fimmel wanting to exit from the show. They are now thinking of a story line where he can have a natural exit from Vikings. It is hinted that Viking Season 4 will be the last season where Fimmel’s Ragnar will be seen.

The Norse history says that King Rangar’s son Bjorn Ironside succeeds him to the throne. According to Ecumenical News, Bjorn played by Alexander Ludwig is going to become the next King of Denmark and Viking Season 4 is going to see him become powerful.

International Business Times reports that Vikings Season 4 is going to show a big time jump. This news had started circulating from the fact that Alexander Ludwig shared a photo of himself from the sets and init his appearance is far from that of a young man. He has grey beard and this suggest that History Channel is going to show a time jump in Vikings Season 4.

It was in the July Comic Con at San Diego when Michael Hirst at hinted at a time jump in Vikings Season 4 and it looks like the anticipated jump is sure to happen in the upcoming season. There was no information about how vast a time jump it is bound to be, but the photo hints that it will be a good leap of 20-30 years.

With Ragnar recuperating from the injury after Paris, Bjorn will be seen taking charge of the throne of Denmark. The people of Kattegat will remove the ailing king Ragnar from the throne and will put his eldest son Bjorn on the throne.

However, this move to the throne will not be a smooth one since Bjorn will be challenged by his younger brother Ivar. Bjorn will fight Ivar to prove his claim to the throne.

Vikings Season 4

Master Herald has hinted at the fact that Ivar, the Boneless might not be the only one who is out to claim the throne of Ragnar. There are chances that Rollo (Clive Standen) will return from Paris, with the army of Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) and fight it out to get the throne of Denmark.

Alexander Ludwig while talking about his character Bjorn had stated that he will be out to seek revenge from Rollo. Rollo, the younger brother of Ragnar had wronged him. He left his army and sided with the enemy in Paris and this doesn’t go down easy with Bjorn. There are chances that Rollo might be killed in the hands of Bjorn, given that he never backs down from anything that he has set his mind on.


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