Vikings Season 4: Release Date Revealed, Ragnar’s New Love Interest, Bjorn as the Next Vikings Leader after Ragnar’s Death!


Actor George Blagden is likely to portray the spirit of Anglo Saxon monk Athelstan when the show returns on History Channel with season 4 in 2016. Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel, was deeply affected by the death of his close friend, but the monk’s spirit will not have a great impact on the Viking leader, according to creator Michael Hirst.

The show runner even stated that the death will play a major role in the lives of the living and Floki, portrayed by Gustaf Skarsgard, will have to pay for being the cause of Athelstan’s demise.

However, Lothbrok will be more concerned about his sons, including Bjorn Ironside, played by Alexander Ludwig and Ivar the Boneless, than the monks in Vikings Season 4 as he fears that they could be more famous than him.

While revealing the fact that the children of Fimmel’s character will play a bigger role in the story, Hirst mentioned that some of them will become more famous than their father. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he said that this has never been the Ragnar Lothbrok show, but this is a show about the Vikings.

He is much more concerned about Bjorn and Ivor the Boneless, as Ivor’s story is crucial and an amazing part of Season 4. He also said that the lady who will be Ragnar’s new love interest is an Asian actress and also a very talented one at that.

In Vikings, Ragnar has had his share of complicated women. First in the season 1 of Vikings, there was Lagertha, who is as stubborn as Ragnar, can wield a sword just as well as the king of the Vikings.

Princess Aslaug, played by Alyssa Sutherland, is his latest wife who has bore him the many sons he yearned for yet gave him none of the passion his first wife could. Finally in the third season, the fans saw Ragnar have a tryst with the English princess Kwenthrith, portrayed by Amy Bailey and yet with the Season 4 of Vikings, it looks like there will be another woman to woo the Viking.

For all his past romantic encounters in Vikings, Ragnar has always been involved with all the women in power but this time around, however, the ailing king of the series will come into contact with a slave called Yidu who will intrigue him.

The 2015 San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone there are still many hints coming out regarding Vikings Season 4 and one of them has come up based on these hints is that Bjorn may step up to succeed as Viking leader after the inevitable death of his father Ragnar Lothbrok.

Bjorn is set to go on his own adventures and season 4 may plant the seed for his journey. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ludwig explained that he decides to go out of his life and go out to the woods. This is the season where he’s finally come into his own and now it’s about Bjorn learning from his father, but there’s the camaraderie between the two.

Vikings Seaon 4

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the creator is pertaining to Dianne Doan, who earlier starred in “Once Upon a Time.’ Doan will portray Yidu, a Chinese traveler and he also explained that his choice of an Asian character for the role during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

According to Hirst, introducing one to the show was not farfetched; he even verified the data with the series historical consultant, and was told that it was possible, plausible, almost certainly happened.


  1. An amazingly written and well acted series. Ragnar dies this season? The whole premise of this season is a can’t miss!!! Will be waiting to watch, not patiently, but waiting.

  2. Just really hope that IF Ragnar does die (boo hoo), Bjorn can master the cool, dead sexy masterfulness of his father……. nah, can’t be done!!!

  3. Have I missed something in this review?, thought there was a confirmation of when the new series 4 would begin. Dash now I wont be able to book my holidays til I know lol

  4. I am watchimg this show mainly for Ragnar.if he dies no more vikings.and i also want Ragnar and lagertha to get back together…….

  5. No Ragnar no Vikings I agree. The actor who plays the son doesn’t have the same strong sexy appeal as Ragnar. Maybe move a different son into position. But choose your actor wisely.

  6. Noooooo ragnar cant die…. vikings show is all about him, u people will only make the show boring… dehm.

  7. Ooh my God,if ragnar dies that mean no more vikings,and I thought the show was all about ragnar and the viking ship,if he dies let the show end there,the show is not about his successors. Please

  8. Please don’t demolish the King and the Heroic Kingdom of Ragnar in the 4th season. He’s the best spice of this production.

  9. He was dieing at the end of last season
    born is going to be king I’ve been watching it since the beginning the seer said so

  10. I am so like so many here. The writer had better tread lightly because if Ragnar dies then myself an millions of others will find something else to watch ! The show has more or less showcased him you just cannot kill him off !

  11. I will QUIT watching if Ragnar dies…he is Vikings…he was the character the sole character that made this amazing show!!!

  12. I love this show! Ragnar will probably die as soon as Floki gets killed off. I had a friend who I cared for and was also murdered this past year. Season three by far has been my favorite.

  13. Ragnar can’t die.. i mean, besides the fact that the whole show is basically about him, the real Ragnar Lothbrok, according to wikipedia, didn’t die of sickness. i don’t wanna say more.. 🙂

  14. Ragnar dies in the snake pit… It’s a show called the Vikings not called Ragnar. Rollo will marry the French queen and fight Ragnar and the Vikings again and win then pull another 180 and turn on the French and help his brother in the final episode. He dies in season 5 just so you all know

  15. I just want to say that since it does say Ragnar will die it does not say it will be shown, as some of you may know all Vikings are doomed to die someday as it is what the gods have planned for them. Therefore it could just mean that Bjorn is just preparing himself for the day of his fathers death so he can take over. But that’s just my opinion it’s up to you whether or not you want to believe it.

  16. To all the people whining about Ragnar, do you have one iota of knowledge of the Sagas? Wait, do you know what the Sagas are? Don’t answer that, I know you don’t.

    I suggest some of you read about the history of the Vikings.

  17. Amazing series… epic historical recount of sorts, reminding us all of our anglo saxon ancestries. A veritable Game of RISK and accurate depiction of humanities failings to temptations.
    Have been waiting for season four, and delighted it’s on it’s way to our screens.
    New Zealanders enjoy this show emmensely as a whole…. this one does!

  18. Don’t forget everyone, Ragnar Lothbrok was a real person and they are trying to stay as true to his story as possible. Of course they have hollywoodized the story but if you look up historical facts Ragnar won’t be around too much longer.

  19. Ragnar shldnt die, it shld be a point of live less hell for him, wen he watches he’s son Bjorn, known and hailed by all in d viking sega4. Clive (rollo) who in due sense wuld be made king of d french bcx of his fighting skills wuld now be a turn of flesh to Ragnar as saying goes, d fly wuld one day turn against his own brothers. Rollo been made king of d french is a veri big expectation for him to tink dat no one is like him in the whole kingdom fasting on his riches and wealth, so for such reason he wuld be man enough to do the undo…

  20. Lagertha is a strong character that I want to see more of. Ragnar getting back with her I cannot see — Lagertha would make him work for it. Ragnar falls short on realizing a strong women makes him stronger.

  21. people need to chill. Ragnar was a well written role but that’s all you can’t say no Ragnar no vikings without even seeing what the writer has in store

  22. Ragnar played Avery interesting role but if Bjorne is trained well I believe he can be greater than Ragnar

  23. It’s funny reading all of the ‘no Ragnar, no Vikings!” and “I’ll never watch again if Ragnar dies!!!” This is a historical drama, based loosely on actual people, there was a real Ragnar Lothbrok and he really did die. There is much to the story after Ragnar’s death and I can’t wait!

  24. The history of the Vikings is far more than Ragnar’s portrayal of an historical leader. It is both natural and historically accurate that Viking leadership evolved over time and that the series reflect this obviously natural fact.

  25. no ragnar no vikings. If u tke ragnar out its like u re intentionally planning on losing many followers. Men dis is for real !!

  26. He will die. Like Mike Hirst other show, it’s just history put on TV. Ragnar will die and his sons were more popular in real life so I am sure it will try to keep on with bjorn and ivor the boneless. Tho I know it won’t be watched once Ragnar dies

  27. Ragnar IS Vikings! I agree: no Ragnar, no Vikings. Just like Homeland: no Damian Lewis, no Homeland. At least we will see more of Athelstan..

  28. A true fan of history will watch the show even after Ragnar dies. His sons due exceed him in glory. Ragnar is awesome I agree but there are MANY compelling characters on the show and I plan to watch all future sessions!

  29. Even if Ragnar dies, they won’t write him out of the show. There’s always those cameos. We’ll still have our Ragnar!!

  30. Why shouldn’t Ragnar die?
    Yes he’s a central figure, but so what?
    For all those that say they won’t watch if he dies, … too bad .. so sad…

    Another fav. of ours is Game of Thrones, and many central figures have been killed off in it, but everyone keeps watching and downloading!
    It won’t be any different in vikings popularity!

  31. It’s sad that ragnar dies but since the story is based on actual events and not fictions, I think the producer are on track. Can’t wait for season 4 Bravo!!

  32. Ragnar died in real life, Bjorn became a far more revered leader than Ragnar ever was noted as being. People want them to completely bail on history just cause they like a character?

  33. Didn’t anyone see the 50’s film “The Vikings”? Ragnar was played by Ernest Borgnine along with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. In this film he chose to dive into a pit of wolves with his sword rather than be executed

  34. Ragna`s death was so imminent in the last season. A heartbreaking revelation. Can anything be done to save him? I love his character.

  35. What has me hooked on this show is the quality and quantity of richly evolved characters. They are a testament to great writing and talented actors. Though I wish the story line did not include the demise of some of my favorites, I appreciate the telling of the Viking history to be told as accurately as possible. Perhaps the story of Ragnar could be strung out as long as possible. The snakes can wait…he is just so darn sexy!

  36. I love the show, it is so intriguing. Learning so much about Viking history. I love Ragnar as much as anyone, but the show itself is awesome. Just like Game of Thrones that killed off a majority of its characters in its 1st season, it still is a strong show. Vikings is a great show. I will watch it as long as it is on. Thanks History channel for another awesome show!!!

  37. Vikings is based on history so sorry ladies Radnar is going to die eventually. ..maybe not in season 4 but it will happen…he’s my favorite too but history is history and the story goes on farther than Radnar’s life time. I hope we get to see what happens to Biourn Rollo Lagertha and Radnar’s ither sons because they all had major roles in the actual Viking history. Im hoping that maybe we will still see Radnar from time to time while his family remembers him or is guided by what they learned from him. Vikings is a great show and I hope to see it past season 4.

  38. Some of the characters deaths do seem gratuitous (like poor Siggie) but if it’s based on history then they are as inevitable as they are regrettable. The quality of the writing up to this point would tempt us to believe it’s worth waiting for the next series in the hope/faith that equally compelling characters are about to cross the stage! Bring it on.

  39. The show itself is based off the history of the Vikings and king Ragnar. If you read the history, Ragnar does indeed die and his sons carry out his legacy.

  40. Honestly speaking Ragnar Lothbrok is the spice of the show and l doubt that l will have much interest on the next king unless the character will be spicey as King Ragnar. And what is a release date of next episode I cant wait..!!! To seeLothbrok once again

  41. Its a show on the History channel. Ragnar dies in a snakepit historically and that is only the beggining of the saga not the end.

  42. Is everyone so sure Ragnar is a true historic person?
    Rollo, Bjorn, and Ivar the Boneless are real guys, but Ragnar? We don’t know. He is maybe a composite character of several real leaders/heroes. Or maybe a real person with major embellishment in the Sagas. Or maybe a real person who DID do most or all of what is attributed to him.
    After all, the first Saga details how Odin created the Viking world, so the Sagas are not exactly entirely historic!
    Ragnar SHOULD die in a snake-pit or wolf-pit in what today is England, touching off the Great Heathen Wars.
    If showrunner Michael wants a different death, I personally would like to see Ragnar and Lagertha die together in battle and go straight to Valhalla arm-in-arm!
    Whenever and however Ragnar dies in the show, a large void will need to be filled to keep the series so compelling!

  43. Everyone seems so sure Ragnar is a true historic person.
    Rollo, Bjorn, and Ivar the Boneless are/were real guys, but we don’t know about Ragnar for sure. The Ragnar in the Sagas may be a composite of several heroes/leaders, or a real person with a lot of embellishment, or maybe a guy who really DID do all or most of what the Sagas say.
    After all, the first Saga details how Odin created the Viking world, so the Sagas are not exactly entirely proven history.

  44. Says on the Internet that king aella had ragnar thrown in a pit full of snakes after capturing ragnar when his ship wrecked in northumbria, love the show an ill keep watching to the end ????

  45. Am curious about this series,Ragnar is my favourite but i know he won’t live long following his health condition as he leaves paris …..will be waiting patiently till it’s in cinema cus here in Nigeria we don’t get to watch channel HISTORY

  46. There must be a mistake, u can not kill Ragnar if u do no one will watch.. Including me… So get it right people!!!!!

  47. Take it from someone raised as an Odinist, this show is wonderful and it goes into my religion greatly. I still watch it until it is no longer on air. The “real” Ragnar died. It will happen. If you only watch the show for the character portraying him then you are shallow and do not understand the point the creator was trying to make. It’s about Vikings, in a more positive light.

  48. As always we all die. Ragnar like all Vikings will be well received in Valhalla and he has lived a good life for a Viking.
    All good things pass into shadow and legend. Tell the story, and as usual death leads to new life.

  49. The best way for a great leader like Ragnar to die,is by illness..Ragnar is too great to die in battle..please thanks.

  50. Ragnar has be the reason for the show since it began……I think the writer should look for other way to package this upcoming segment pls!!!

  51. Have to agree with you ,the real history is he was captured and put to death in the viper pit . The other thread running through Vikings and is true is about the deformed child . There was a real Viking King Harold The Boneless because he could not walk like Ragnars child in the show . The real Harold The Boneless was carried into battle on a shield , he was very good at tactics .

  52. Unfortunately the death of Ragnar will come at a huge loss of followers. Although the show is about Vikings and not Ragnar, maybe it should have been. By far the best actor have had the pleasure of watching.
    His death a major blunder.

  53. OMG just finished catching up with Season 4….better n better every season….so addicted! Yes Ragnor is something else to watch Vikings for I FULLY agree, but have also read up on the historical side and agreed with those of you whom mention snake pit….we cannot change that if it’s based upon the legend. I am seriously addicted though….cannot wait for next season!!!!

  54. I started watching this show and i like Ragnar’s character. If he dies and his character doesnt continue on into season 4 i dont think id have much interest left in the show. He is by far the most appealing character and with the most depth to me–his strategy, the way he manages his position as king and adventurous nature are Ll beyond the other current characters on the show. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  55. I havent watched season 3 but i read the story and some reviews in to season 4, i guess i will just stop watching vikings now because if ragnars character dies then. I have no reason to keep watching the show

  56. In rl there are 2 story’s one he died from an illness & two Ragnar is thrown into a pit of snakes by king Aella. It looks like he’s going with the illness because in the season 4 preview it shows Ragnar there when Floki is punished for killing Athelstan. Bjorn will never be Ragnar, But maybe he will be good.

  57. yeah if anythign kill off Bjorn i cant no see my self bein interested if he takes over i was already unimpressed when he was introduced as an older Bjorn.

  58. I understand it’s a historical story but when you turn it into a tv show and you have a main character that is the selling point of your show you don’t kill him off.
    More than half of the people watching are not watching for the history.
    So yes.. NO RAGNAR NO VIKINGS. If your gonna kill him end the show.

  59. No Ragnar? Why? I totally agree, you kill his character, you kill the show… Bad move on your part… I hope you reconsider doing something else with the character.
    Not a very happy fan 🙁

  60. Thank you History Channel for making each season live up to our expectations! All the characters are expectional, however who is this rrrRagnor Lockboth? Might the mystery of the man continue in highly evolved dream sequences? Could he reappear in the un concious waking or sleeping thoughts as different entities as he effects their lives and conciousness? Afterall he did have different effects on the various characters. Is he torn in death as he was in life between Heaven and Valhalla? Where might we find him?

  61. Come on people, you can’t change history. Ragnar does die in a viper pit. But as with any family, life does not stop because one person dies. We all know this. No ones story is ever just over. Those who say they will no longer watch if Ragnar dies will be cheating themselves out of some amazing Viking History. Do you all really think there is no ancestry to the Lothbrok bloodlines in todays time? If so you are sadly misinformed. And so it continues. I will watch until the historic story is told. I think when that happens, the producers should have a segment of the remaining Lothbroks as far as where they are in the Lothbrok line in modern times. That too would be interesting, Some would say even Historical . History never dies, it simply evolves into yet another chapter.

  62. bruh. Of course ragnar dies, have none of you any history knowledge? Ragnar is not made up, there really was a man called Ragnar, he died by being captured by an english king, forgot his name the one with the pit of snakes, anyway he gets captured by him and thrown into that pit.

  63. you got to be kidding me without ragnar there s no vikings so if ragnar die ill never watch this thing no more i dont care how much change they make

  64. Man, death of the enchanted one, ragnar, calls me to Valhalla in watching other episodes. it will be somewhat weird, vos Bjorn has a lot to learn!

  65. Check it. Historically, the sons of Ragnar are far more famous than he. The show was bound to either end, or, follow the sons of Ragnar. I personally love the fact that they have tried to follow the reality of the brutal but brilliant lives of the Vikings. So as to killing off Ragnar, and keeping the show going…. To the truth in every real detail…. Bravo. Bravo.

  66. I think Viking show would be carried on till the story of “Canute the great”. Hopefully If the production goes on. Not much info. Is available about him. But he conqueres entire england. The only viking.

  67. Michael Hirst wrote out the one of the main characters in “The Tudors”, shortly after he did, the show was cancelled/ended. I would think that Mr. Hirst would think long and hard BEFORE letting Ragnar die. Ragnar IS Vikings! This show will lose a lot of viewers if he’s no longer on it. I sure won’t be watching it. And for God’s sake, put Ragnar back with Lagertha where she belongs….they should never have been apart.

  68. You do realize that if they were trying to be historically accurate Ragnar would have died a long time ago. Ragnar has to die (even though he’s one of my favorite characters). If they do it right the show will still be worth watching. It is called ‘Vikings’ not ‘Ragnar’, just saying…

  69. As much as I, LOVE, Ragnars, character, I truly-believe, Bjorn Ironside, has-been, well-groomed, to ACCEPT, the ROLE, as the NEW, Viking King, in Season 4!
    The Historical-Aspect, of the show, is what TRULLY, “captivates”, me, and my family!
    In Season 4, Rollo’s, grandiose, aspirations, may-come, to “fruition”, and Flokey, will be, left-out, in the COLD.
    Spiritual, or Ghostly, “cameos”, by Athelstan, and Ragnar, will, be, “intertwined”, in, the, New-Season, to “ease”, the “discomfort”, of the viewers.
    As the Season, “unfolds”, the historical, plot, will, “thicken”, to REVEAL, “The Sons of Ragnar”!
    I believe, Season 4, and beyond, will, attempt, to “uncover”, their strengths, weaknesses, combined, with their, historical-importance, and their, renown, as barbaric-warriors, and gentle-farmers!
    Do NOT be DISMAYED, Ragnar may die, but he, wont be FORGOTTEN! – Paul Crass, 12.15.2015

  70. Well Ragnar has been the major role in the success of seasons 1 2 and 3, not just for 1 season but for 3 seasons and probably he will put more of his magic in season 4. However if ur trying to convince people that the show would remain that good without him , DONT. This actor is amazing and he has made vikings that popular. In my opinion, he s the best actor to play such role as a genious, and incredibly strong leader.

  71. 2 make a Vikings fantastic, ragnar must not just die like DAT, perhaps he must be a solution to his illness indeed

  72. Its entertainment at its best it does not need to be historically correct, don’t be so condescending it’s an ugly trait.

  73. Ragner can’t just die like dat cos is the main actor unlike his brother Rollo…bt I hope dat he will meet his frnd the priest at vahalla or heaven….can’t wait to watch season 4

  74. For all those crying over Ragnar’s death…Ragnar has to die one day ’cause in history books you’d learn that he does die and his sons will continue his legacy.

  75. I am absloutely fascinated by Ragnar, he is so mysterious, you never know what he is thinking. Ruthless, vindictive, devious, a mastermind at conccuring not to mention passionate, yet has a heart of an angel with his children. I will stop watching if his character dies. I think everyone will. He alone draws you in like a powerful magnate to watch VIKING!!! Big mistake if his character dies!!

  76. Why are they killing Ragnar off he’s made the show what it is,wow I always look forward to watching because of him,show will not be the same with out him:(

  77. This is a show about the norse legends of the vikings. Ragnar dies and his sons bjorn and ivar succeed him in fame. I love ragnars character just as much as the much as the rest of the hard vikings fans but, the story should be told as true as it can be. Lets just hope bjorn and ivar can take the reigns and lead the crowd to season 5 .

  78. Vikings based on true events.. Not entirely but mainly. So for all those who want Ragnar to be their husband, go fucking watch the Kardasians where whining about anything is a way of life. I like Ragnar too but I like the sagas of Vikings more.And for a tv-show trying to present to us a historic insight without hesitating to kill the main character to keep up the story is a reason to watch the series and not the opposite.