Vikings Season 4: Fimmel Set to Leave, Show to Focus On Ragnar’s Sons, And More Details


With Vikings Season 4 on its way to the television screen soon, there are a lot of speculations about what’s in store for the fans in the upcoming season. As we the fans know that the show is based on the Danish King Ragnar Lothbrok, there are speculations that the show is going to depict his death in Season 4.

Actor Travis Fimmel is likely to leave the show since he wants to pursue his career in Hollywood. Apart from this, those who are aware of Lothbrok’s life story will know that his empire is successfully carried forward by his sons and this is soon going to be the focus of Vikings Season 4.

Christian Today reported that Michael Hirst, the showrunner of Vikings has already hinted at the fact that Season 4 might continue without Ragnar in the lead. This comment was made by him in the San Diego Comic Con in June this year.

Hirst has reportedly said that he has already conceptualized the plot ahead for the series and he can see it going forward without Ragnar there. He has attributed this to the historical backing which suggests that Ragnar’s many sons become more successful than him. This will give them enough information to take on numerous adventures and create a world in Vikings Season 4 that will not show Ragnar in the lead and then slowly fade him out.

Ragnar, the king of Denmark, lead his men through a successful siege of Paris, but the outcome of this war hasn’t been good when it comes to him personally. He has been injured badly and also betrayed by his brother Rollo (Clive Standen).

Rollo went ahead and formed an alliance with King Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) when he was offered his hand in marriage. This came as a shock for Ragnar, but he doesn’t act on it immediately. There are chances that Rollo will realize his mistake in Vikings Season 4, but by then, it is going to be too late for him.

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) who is Ragnar’s eldest son will start to play an important role from Vikings Season 4. With Ragnar badly injured, the countrymen will remove him from the throne in favor of Bjorn. With Bjorn starting to enjoy a position of power, he will seek revenge for the humiliation his father felt in the hands of Rollo.

Alexander Ludwig while talking about the character of Bjorn has said that he is someone who doesn’t give up on something that he has set his eyes on. He has made a promise to avenge his father’s betrayal by Rollo and this isn’t going to end up well for the latter. Bjorn hasn’t been given the throne by his father, but with the support of the people, he knows that he can win it.

Vikings Season 4

However, before Bjorn can sit on the throne, he has to fight his brother Ivor to prove his worth. Ivor isn’t ready to accept that Bjorn is the true claimant to the throne and there is going to be a gruesome battle between Ragnar’s two sons for the throne.

Vikings Season 4 will see Rollo doubting his action from Season 3. He knows that it wasn’t a good thing to go behind his brother’s back and side with King Charles, but he has always been someone who has been overshadowed by his brother and this was his chance to shine and he seized the opportunity. However, he will soon realize that making a life for him in the strange place with a tongue that he doesn’t understand; isn’t going to be an easy task.


  1. Interesting write up but Hirst also said Ragnar had a lot more countries to “discover” before his death too. Considering Ivar’s older brothers have still not hit their teens in the comic con trailer and Ivar was still an infant it would be pretty hard for Ivar to challenge anything.
    You also missed one big point. Travis does not want to pursue “his career” he’s said many times he’s happy with what he’s got and his intention is to go home to Australia, he doesn’t consider acting his profession just a way to make money for his farm.

  2. While I’ll be sad to see Ragnar go, historically he met his end in a pit full of venomous serpents courtesy of Northumbria’s King Aella, who had a longstanding beef with Ragnar, who he captured after the Northman was shipwrecked. Ragnar’s brother, Rollo, knew his own brand of fame by establishing and ruling Normandy. Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar’s son, would range far wider than did his father. Bjorn and his brother, Ivar the Boneless, and Ragnar’s other sons would avenge their father, leading the Great Heathen Army, an unprecedentedly massive Viking force, to England where they would defeat King Aella and subject him to the gruesome torturous execution practice known as the Blood Eagle.

  3. All info in the article is correct. Travis is leaving for the Warcraft sequels and other projects. Hirst and the show will be turning to the successes of Ragnar’s sons. Hirst had originally killed off Ragnar before the end of Season 1 in his early drafts. The talent and presence of Travis prolonged Ragnar on Vikings. The real Ragnar was very important to Viking history, but his sons’ fame outweighed his.