Two New Wives For Kody In Sister Wives Season 7; Mariah Warned Meri; Family Vacation Becomes A Nightmare


Season 6 of Sister Wives had ended with the catfish incident of Meri Brown. While this issue is still a part of Season 7, there are more issues plaguing the members of the Brown family.

According to Parent Herald, in Sister Wives Season 7, Kody is likely to marry two of his family friends. He feels that his current wives aren’t supportive of him, and hence he wants to divorce them and go ahead and marry two younger women.

The viewers of TLC’s Sister Wives Season 7 might end up seeing Kody Brown exchanging vows with two other women. Hollywood Gossip reported that Kody feels that his marriage with Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn has hit an all-time low, and they are in a position where they cannot work things out anymore.

The reports reveal that Kody has been getting friendly with two women who have been his family friends for years. One of the women that Kody seems to be interested in is Amber, and the other one is Robyn’s step-niece, Mindy, who has often appeared in Sister Wives while she would babysit the Brown kids.

The current sister wives have reportedly decided to act against this move by Kody, and the viewers of Sister Wives Season 7 might get to see some drama on the show. Christian Today reported that TLC might cancel the show if Kody decides to go ahead and marry Amber and Meri.

Kendra Pollard, a close friend of the Brown family, has advised that Kody isn’t ready to continue dealing with his wives. They aren’t supportive of him and hence he has plotted revenge. Robyn isn’t sure about this move by Kody and doesn’t know if what he feels for the two other women is even legitimate.

Kody Brown seems to have planned this thing for over a year now. He has been spending a lot of time with both Amber and Mindy to get to know them better. He was very sure that he wanted to settle down with someone way younger than him and hence he feels that these two women would be perfect.

The catfish incident has made life a living hell for fans of Sister Wives Season 7. Jackie Overton, the person who put Meri through such a harrowing moment, is a hater of the Brown family, and she has been causing a lot of problems for them.

However, Meri is assured of the support of her family. The family was shocked to hear that she had been catfished during an online affair, but Kody had come out to support her, saying that Meri was in such a vulnerable position because of her.

Sister Wives Season 7

Sister Wives Season 7 brought to light something absorbing. Mariah Brown, daughter of Meri and Kody, came out in one of the Tell-All episodes and revealed that she had warned Meri about the catfishing. She had got an idea about it when she learned about Meri being involved with someone online, and Meri had gone ahead and pursued the incident inspite of all the warnings.

Mariah said that she knew that the affair that Meri was having with Sam Cooper was a fake one. She stated that she knew what was happening from the very beginning, and she did try to stop her mother. She tried to stop things from becoming nasty, but Meri continued with it regardless.


  1. Kody will do whatever he believes is best for him. He has no love for others in him, as he has proved over and over. He is very mistaken as to trolls.

  2. Sadly, Sister Wives is boring. Tons of lies and all that freaking crying all the time by the women. There is only two things that can be done: Either cancel it or come up with something new.

    That would mean Kody getting one or two more wives to make the show interesting. Since the beginning of their show, it has been Robyn and Kody with the older three wives as supporting roles with the children. Kody has only eyes for Robyn because she is new, younger, was slimmer, and more fertile than his older wives. Add two women to his harem and he’ll ignore Robyn like he does his older wives and their children.

    And finally, Kody and his family are very poor spokespeople for polygamy. His wives are all miserable and passive aggressive towards each other but pretending to be happy. The women are all basically single moms with a man who swings around their house every 4th day. He could care less about anyone’s feelings but his own. Barely spends time with his children (that episode when he took his daughters out was really embarrassing. He knew nothing about them). Just like he has his favorite wife, he also have his favorite children (past episodes he carried around Prince Solomon while ignoring Truely. Now he has “baby sister” as his Princess…again passing over poor Truely and others).

    It is very telling when all the adult children say they aren’t going to practice polygamy. If polygamy was so great, if having sister wives was so wonderful like the Brown adults try to show us non-polygamous people, than at least one or two of the adult children would be chasing that lifestyle. After Meri’s attempt at fleeing Kody’s harem, it is easy to see that polygamy isn’t all the Brown wants us to believe it is. Those women yearn for Kody or a man all to themselves despite them crying about how great it is to have sister wives.

  3. It’s really so embarrassing for the whole family to have to watch and listen to Kody while they know people are judging all of them by his immaturity and unaware self centered goofiness. Kody is not a real man and never will be, he is just a man-child who is oblivious to the real thoughts and feelings of others. The embarrassment extends to viewers watching him uneasily.

  4. I just read, elsewhere, that Kody Brown’s health was failing although no details were provided in the article. Does anyone know what has happened to him to make him so ill? Even though I detest the man’s actions I pray he will survive. He has some very young children who need a father.