True Detective: Owen Wilson States his Feelings for the Show, Vince Vaughn’s Performance Praised!


Owen Wilson has expressed his liking for the detective thriller series True Detective. Even though he hasn’t been a part of the series, he has spoken about the series and only in positives.

While giving an interview to Digital Spy for his upcoming film No Escape, where he has become an action hero, Owen Wilson was asked what he thought of Vince Vaughn’s role in True Detective. Wilson frankly said that he is yet to watch True Detective Season 2, but said that he is very supportive of Vaughn when it comes to his career.

He said that he isn’t surprised at all that Vince Vaughn is doing so great in a serious role. This is because he has always been a great actor and a very versatile one at that. He also praised Vince Vaughn’s acting in Return to Paradise, where he stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

Vaughn is funny and entertaining even in real life, but he isn’t a stand-up comedian kind of person, who tries to desperately make the ones listening to him laugh. It’s a talent that he possesses where he can work effortlessly well in a comedy as well as in a serious role.

Vince Vaughn has indeed turned heads with his performance in True Detective. His portrayal of Frank Semyon has been much appreciated by both the critics and the viewers. What adds to Frank Semyon’s panache is the fact that Nic Pizzolatto uses him as his philosophical mouthpiece.

According to Movie Pilot, the script of True Detective has gone through immense changes. This can be seen in the difference between the draft and the final script of the HBO series in both Season 1 and Season 2.

There are talks that suggest that Season 3 of True Detective might see a change in the location. With Pizzolatto at the helm of things, fans can be assured that things will be fresh when True Detective returns with a new season.

While fans wait for some news about True Detective Season 3, they have come out with their own version of the season with their dream cast, compromising of Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, James Franco and Cara Delevinge.

There are diners and neon lighting and after watching the video, every fan of the series will want the upcoming season to be based in the hyper-violent period of the 1980s.

There were rumors circulating that Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are a couple, but there’s word about town, which the two have split ever since the finale of True Detective Season 2. It is believed that Rachel McAdams couldn’t manage to get Taylor Kitsch to move to L.A and now with the season wrapped up, he wasn’t willing to move to the city.

While the two were working on True Detective Season 2, Taylor Kitsch was head-over-heels for the Notebook beauty. Us Weekly reported that it looked like Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch were on the verge of a whirlwind romance.

True Detective

Friends of the couple were heard saying that they have been friends for a long time and though they are spending a lot of time together and are talking continuously, they weren’t sure if the two have gotten into something serious.

Now with the news of the couple going their separate ways, there are reports suggesting that Taylor’s feelings for Rachel McAdams were part of his act of being a method actor. He was just working on his role in the series and since the final cut was called, he has moved on and stopped being the character.


  1. I am looking forward for Season Three of True Detective, I hope that Nicholas Pizzolatto will ask Taylor Kitsch to work once again, but in not such depressing character as the one that he had in TD II. If it isn’t Kitsch could be Ryan Gosling, Josh Hartnett or any other of the big dudes of Hollywood or London (Eric Bana as an example). By the way, don’t make up more histories about a false romance between Kitsch and Rachel Mc Adams, they are both Canadians, both good friends for at least ten years, and that’s it, a nice brunch in the mid morning between both it isn’t an engagement. If Kitsch lives in Austin, it is his choice and in some way is because of the press, you love to ruin his career like you did to others. As Prince Harry of Wales said quite recently “paparazzi and yellow press are almost hell”. So guys let people live and you please live your own lives, if you have one.

  2. Taylor and Rachel are friends. If you have been together no matter known long ago. Taylor Kitsch is in love with a woman not convenient Austin so do not want to move. EU is huge there are so many beautiful places to live. Kitsch must continue working on what he likes and that’s it.