True Detective: Became the Butt of All Jokes at the Emmys, Creators Expected To Amend the Mistakes in Season 3!


There are reports suggesting the team behind True Detective is going to come together to work on the television adaptation of Joseph Heller’s popular novel, Catch-22. Richard Brown, who is the executive producer of True Detective, has spoken to Telegraph stating that he is very excited about working on the project.

Brown said that Catch-22 is one of the greatest American novels of all time and he is glad to be a part of the adaptation. The World War II satire by Joseph Heller is being scripted for TV by Australian screenwriter Luke Davies. Davies was responsible for the biopic on James Dean’s life called Life.

The miniseries adapted from the well known novel is going to be directed by David Michôd, who was responsible for the popular crime thriller Animal Kingdom that was released in 2010.

Richard Brown, who happens to be the head of Passenger, a New York based production company, said that Catch-22 is still being worked upon. The work is in the initial phase and it is currently being scripted for the television.

Brown did not mention any deadline for the project. He said that since the project is still in its earlier stage, they are not aware of how long it will take to finish. All the team knows is that they are excited about being a part of the project and are giving their all to make it a success.

Catch-22 has already been adapted by the Hollywood starring Orson Welles and Susanne Benton. However, the film wasn’t a runaway success. It didn’t do as well as M.A.S.H that was released in that same year.

With the team behind True Detective coming to create the television adaptation of Catch-22, the viewers can be rest assured that the World War II satire is going to be gritty and hard hitting and nothing like any other earlier adaptations of it.

HBO seemed to dominate this Emmy with Game of Thrones. HBO managed to win 14 Emmys, which made it 10 more than the other networks apart from the 43 over all, where also it had 31 more than the other network.

It was a big night for HBO since it was after eight long years that the network won the award for the Best Drama and the Best Comedy, thanks to Game of Thrones and Veep respectively. Michael Lombardo, the president of the network said that it was a surprising night, since for all these years they had gotten used to the fact of getting nominated, but finally not winning.

However, HBO too had some mistakes. While some of the shows from the network won over the critics, there were some like True Detective that became the butt of all jokes at the ceremony.

True Detective, which was penned down by Nic Pizzolatto had won a lot of accolades in the first season, but the second season didn’t quite work its magic on the viewers. At the Emmy Awards, the show was completely absent from the ceremony except in jokes that were being cracked by the host for the night, Andy Samberg.

True Detective

The night at the Emmy Awards was dominated by the HBO series Game of Thrones. However, True Detective was the flavor of the season when it came to the jokes that were being cracked. There was one particular moment when Samberg introduced a guitar player from True Detective and showed a depressed looking woman playing the strings.

This was a direct dig at the singer Lera Lynn, who played an important role in the second season of True Detective. Although most of the jokes that were being cracked about True Detective did get the laughs, it isn’t possible to judge the general mood of the audience, unless one is sitting amongst them.


  1. I do not agree at all with Quarantino and others, including many journalists and even some public, that they consider that True Detective II was a bad show or was boring or a mess, it is a very well achieve “film noire”, which delights us in many ways. The actors, starting by the exceptional Collin Farrell, has an outstanding performance, likewise, Ms. Mac Adams and the real fantastic Taylor Kitsch, even Vince Vaughn is quite convincing in his role of a businessman with quite dark interests in drugs, coming from Mexico, he was all right. For many other reasons, I find outrageous some critics, which finds its origin on all kind of prejudices against the show, and more specifically against some actors. It is obvious that “the commentators” cannot compare apples with oranges, such is the case of many comments in this page and other ones too, which in my humble opinion are totally mistaken.
    Everything is different from True Detective One, we do not have the same place, the first one, has been shot in New Orléans and the last one in Los Angeles. Secondly the script was indeed quite different, by the same writer, who did a great job, It has been written in an excellent manner, based in well known true facts, which were going on near LA. But what pisses me off, is who had received more unfair and idiotic critics and even personal attacks, is without any doubt Mr. Kitsch, Kitsch is a young and very smart actor, a guy who is, as the French call guys like him a true “charmeur” (in English a charming guy) who had shown us, his acting skills in “Battleship” (Peter Berg), another great film, which is “Normal Heart” (with Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, the marvellous and still gorgeous Julia Roberts, With the three-times Oscar®-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone brings to life this ferocious “Savages”, in which Kitsch demonstrates that he is able to perform successfully lots of characters, no matter how difficult they could be. Again Pete Berg was responsible for “Sole Survivor”; Kitsch was accompanied by formidable actors as Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, the British Eric Bana and Mark Wahlberg in a fantastic role of Marc Lutthrell, the lone survivor, a true and incredible American hero. Kitsch portrayed Michael Murphy, for his comrades of the Navy Seals, just “Murph” with truthfulness and lots of respect, well deserved.
    Last but not least, there is a stereotype, if an actor or actress is good looking, for some envious and “small people”, these actors should be a disaster. Well Kitsch isn’t at all, and he certainly is and will be one of the best actors of Hollywood’s new generation, probably with Josh Hartnett, the Scottish Sam Heughan and few others. I can apply the same thought, regarding Rachel Mc Adams who is brilliant and a very natural actress. I am sure that most people don’t follow these horrendous critics, the show was a success, in spite of “the war waged against it” I hope that some of the current actors will be summoned up for the III “True Detective”, they deserve it by far.