Transformers 5: Writers Working Double-Shifts to Complete the Script, Megan Fox Back on Board, Storyline Likely to Merge with G.I Joe!


It is no surprise that Paramount Pictures has gone ahead and confirmed Transformers 5, since mark Wahlberg has agreed to return to the screen with the fifth installment of the franchise.IN a recent interview with a reputed magazine, Wahlberg confirmed that he is 100% on board for Transformers 5.

With the latest reports coming in, it is safe to assume that Paramount is at the very beginning of the process with Transformers 5, and the movie is not likely to arrive before end 2017 at the minimum.

Initial speculations also stated that the writers were working double time to get on with the flow of constructing a script for the movie, which could expedite the initial process and give the project a much-required boost.

Apart from working on the storyline for Transformers 5, the writers will also be engaged in framing up the storyline for the sequels as well. Hence, it can be safely said that the theatres won’t fall short on Transformers movies in the next decade or so!

The person behind getting the writers motivated to take on the challenge is Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman has worked on projects such as X-Men: The Last Stand, The Walking Dead and The Incredible Hulk to name a few.

The team of writers is reportedly making swift progress on Transformers 5, and this is good news for the fans, who have been waiting intently for the next installment of the movie. However, the only negative side of Goldsman working on Transformers 5 is that, paramount has moved him from a few other writing projects, which included the next installment of the G.I. Joe series.

However, the G.I Joe fans do not have a major reason to worry about, since, whoever has been chosen to replace Goldsman for composing the script, will follow on the path led by Akiva Goldsman, and in all probability, will be equally talented to take on a project of this magnitude. Hence, rest assured!

Mark Wahlberg currently has his hands filled with multiple projects, since the actor has sidetracked from working on action movies, and has been busy with comedy and romance flicks,namely Date Night, Ted and The Other Guys,as well, apart from venturing into production. His last production venture was the TV Series Entourage and was also the Executive Producer of Boardwalk Empire.

Wahlberg, if rumors are to be believed, has a few years of working on action films ahead of him, and is very keen on being a part of the next few movies in the Transformers lineup. This is good news for the fans, who liked the new storyline more than the first three installments of the series.

Director Michael Bay and Producer Steven Spielberg haven’t made any official announcements so far, which is understandable considering that the movie is in its nascent stages, with room for improvement and sudden changes.

Transformers 5

Rumors further claim that there is a possibility of a spin-off animated transformer series,focusing on the origin of Cybertron. However, this is merely a speculation, and we do not have sufficient proof to either support or deny the claims. The fans will need to wait a little longer for the official comments.

Transformers 5 is also rumored to focus on both sides of the story, implying that the fans will be able to witness the background story lines of the Autobots and the Decepticons, first hand!


  1. In addition to merging G.I. JOE, it is better that Transformers merge into the TMNT movie universe.

    Speaking for the cast, Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory should be joining the cast of Transformers 5, albeit in a comedic role.

  2. Can’t wait to see it. I’ve been watching Transformers since 1982. It would be cool if they were real. Its gotta be awesome to even be in a movie with them. Hopefully UNICRON shows up soon.