Transformers 5: Script to Have Two Parts, Wahlberg Reported to Return, And More


Transformers 5 is all set to break the records set by Transformers: Age of Extinction. Paramount Studios is well aware of the popularity that this franchise enjoys and they are not leaving any stones unturned to make the upcoming film even bigger than the previous one that smashed all box-office records.

There were reports that Michael Bay will not be directing Transformers 5, instead his pupil Jonathan Liebesman is going to sit in the director’s chair. It looks like Paramount could sense that Transformers is what it is because of the magic cast by noted film-maker Michael Bay.

In order to give Bay a great script to work on, Paramount has created a writer’s team for Transformers 5. Leading the team of writers is Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman, who is known for Beautiful Mind will have in his team Robert Kirkman, from The Walking Dead, Ken Nolan of Black Hawk Down, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum of Iron Man and Gabriel Ferrari of Ant-Man, to name a few.

Goldsman while talking to Deadline has said that the writers are going through all the records that are available of the history of the Transformers series to get their material for the upcoming movie. They are looking into merchandising and cartoon series to give the fans a more streamlined plot of Transformers.

There are reports that the film be set in both earth and space. Transformers: Age of Extinction saw Optimus Prime leaving for space to confront the Quintessons and their plans of destroying earth and the human race. While Optimus Prime leads the show in space, it will be Ultra Magnus who will be doing the same on earth.

According to Inquisitr Transformers 5 will have to distinct plot lines. One will have Optimus Prime facing the Quintessons who are the creators of the Autobots with the help of his second-in-command Ultra Magnus. This event will result in the final confrontation between Optimus Prime and his team with Unicron, who is the lord of the Decepticons.

Avid fans of Transformers are elated with the news that Unicron might be a part of the plot of Transformers 5. They have been waiting for a film that would bring in Unicron, but it hadn’t happened so far.

Enstarz has confirmed that the rumored beast wars that are supposed to shown in Transformers 5 are true. There were reports that the machines could transform into animal beasts like the ones in Generation 1. Akiva Goldsman has confirmed such a possibility saying that if one of the writers in the writing room feels that there is scope for beast wars then they will go ahead with it and find out ways in which it has been dealt with in other films.

There are rumors that Paramount Studios is already thinking of diversifying the franchise. According to Crossmap there are talks that Transformers might see a crossover with G.I Joe and it’s likely that Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis is going to be part of the cast.

Transformers 5

There has been no confirmation about the cast as of now. As far the cast for the film is concerned, it was Mark Wahlberg who confirmed that he will be back in Transformers 5. Wahlberg played the role of Cade Yeager, will reprise his role in the upcoming film.

Mark Wahlberg told Collider that Akiva Goldsman and his team has started working on the script, since Michael Bay is shooting Benghazi in Malta and he is New Orleans for Deepwater, they will get together when they are both back.


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