Transformers 5: Megan Fox Not Returning, Plot Rumors and Release Dates!


Transformers fans will be disappointed to know that the rumor that Megan Fox will be a part of Transformers 5 is not going to become a reality. The actress who is busy shooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is too busy to make place for Transformers 5 and she has to give the movie a miss.

Megan Fox had supposedly expressed interest in returning back to the franchise. She had been a part of the initial movies, until she had a tiff with the director Michael Bay. She had said in an interview that Michael Bay was a dictator on screen and this had spoilt relationship between her and the director.

The two had sorted things out after that and she was ready to come back to Transformers 5 in spite of knowing that Michael Bay is going to be the director for the upcoming movie from the franchise.

Megan Fox had said that she will be back in the franchise only if her co-star Shia LaBeouf is back with her, but after the video showing LaBeouf trashing the Transformers franchise, it is was very certain that Paramount Studios will not be keen on having him on board.

Transformers: Age of Extinction had become one of the most successful movie of all times and Paramount Studios has understood the kind of popularity the franchise shares and they are going all out to make sure that the upcoming Transformers 5 movie is better than the previous one as well.

Initially it was said that Jonathan Liebesman is expected to shoot the film, but Paramount soon found out that Transformers 5 needed the Midas touch of the ace director and Michael Bay was brought back to sit on the director’s chair.

Ecumenical News has reported that Michael Bay is busy shooting 13 Hours in Benghazi and he is going to sit down with Transformers 5 after he is done with that. Paramount Studios has roped in Oscar winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to pen down the script for Transformers 5 and he is hard at work.

The writers in the writer’s room have some of the best known writers in the industry and they are going all out to find a plot suitable enough for the upcoming movie. It includes Jeff Pinker and Steven DeKnight among many others.

DeKnight was asked about how the progress is going and he said that while he can’t disclose what they have planned for the film, he can assure the fans that it is very exciting and they are going to go ahead with the ideas to find out what works and what doesn’t.

There are rumors that Transformers 5 will show Optimus Prime going to space to encounter the Quintessons, the creator of the Autobots while his second-in-command Ultra Magnus keeps things in order on earth. It was said that there is going to be a final faceoff between Optimus Prime and Unicron, the notorious leader of the Decepticons.

Transformers 5

There is fresh rumor that states that Peter Cullen who does the voice for Optimus Prime had suggested that the writers should go back to the plot line before the one that was depicted in Transformers: Age of Extinction and in that case the whole plot will change.

Another rumor that is doing the rounds is that the next installment of the film is likely to depict beast wars. Enstarz has confirmed that Transformers 5 might have machines changing into beasts as in Generation 1.


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