Transformers 5: Goldsman Starts Working On the Script, Unicron to Feature, Talks Of a Crossover!


By the looks of it, Transformers 5 has started to take shape. Akiva Goldsman, the noted scriptwriter of The Beautiful Mind has been roped in to lead the team of writers for Transformers 5.

Goldsman has revealed that the writers have started to look into every aspect of the franchise to find out inputs about the universe that help them create a well-formed plot for the upcoming movie.

Paramount Studios has hit jackpot with the Transformers franchise and they are not going to let the charm end. In order to better the business that Transformers: Age of Extinction did in the previous year, the studio has created a strong team of writers.

Lead by Akiva Goldsman; there are writers like Robert Kirkman from The Walking Dead, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum from Iron Man, Ken Nolan from Black Hawk Down to name a few.

To lend life to the script made by this spectacular team of writers, Paramount Studios has asked Michael Bay to take up the directorial helm.

There were initial reports that Michael Bay is not going to be part of Transformers 5 instead Jonathan Liebesman will be sitting on the director’s chair. It has now been confirmed that Michael Bay is going to be the director for Transformers 5.

Transformers: Age of Extinction raked in $1 billion worldwide with a total spending of $200 million. Given the kind of popularity that franchise saw worldwide, it was guaranteed that Paramount Studio would want an expert director to Michael Bay will carry on directing the films.

In order to make Transformers 5 a bigger success, Goldsman and his team of writers are delving into each aspect of merchandising, from toys to cartoon series to television shows based on the franchise to gather material for Transformers 5.

The writers are going into the history of each of the characters in the plot to make the story honest and appealing to the avid members of the Transformers franchise.

According to Inquistr, Transformers 5 will start off from where the last movie ended. It will show Optimus Prime heading off to space to encounter the Quintessons, who are the creators of the Autobots. The film will have Optimus Prime’s second in command, Ultra Magnus taking charge of things in earth in the absence of Optimus Prime.

Transformers 5 has created a major buzz among the avid fans of the series since there have been reports that the film might see the presence of Unicron, the leader of the Decepticons. The fans of the franchise have been waiting for a face-off between Unicron and Optimus Prime and it looks like Transformers 5 might have this final face-off.

There’s more for the fans of Transformers. Goldsman has revealed in an interview that the film might see some of the machines changing into animal beasts as seen in Generation 1. There are some ideas circulating in the writer’s room pertaining to beast war and Goldsman seemed very open to the idea in his interview with Deadline.

Goldsman is also open to extending the universe and making it more diverse. Paramount Studio has already hinted at the possibility of making cross-over films and incorporating other popular film and comic universes into the Transformers franchise.

Transformers 5

There are rumors that Transformers 5 will have a cross-over with G.I Joe and this started speculations that the film might star Dwayne Jonson and Bruce Willis.

The cast of the film has not yet been confirmed. Mark Wahlberg has confirmed in an interview with Collider that he is going to be part of the upcoming film from the Transformers franchise. He said that Goldsman and his team have started giving shape to the plot of Transformers 5.


  1. Do not kill off bumble bee or prime.If so its over.Too many other well knowns like Ironhide and such died.Which is OK as long as you keep the two most important ones around.

    Slowly bring back NEST and at least S-7 himself.
    Combine it with G.I. Joe……NO.
    Keep it in its own universe.

  2. I agree do not take out bee or prime. Maybe u can say that mikayla and Tessa are cousins in transformers 5 . Idk but I am so excited about transformers five but please do not disappoint me.


  4. I really don’t think Goldsman, that you should cross over GI Joe to the Transformers Franchise. You should keep them separate. For sure. Also, an opinion, that you should bring back Nest, to TF5

  5. Bring on Unicron… OK to end Prime only if Hot Rod takes over… Bring in Cup, Trailblazer, Red Alert, Sharkticons, Wrek-Gar, Alpha Trion, Sweeps, Wheeljack(from TF Prime) and Cliffjumper (Bee’s Brother)…

  6. Do not kill off Prime or Bee! They both need to stay! It will be impossible to continue without them. Please keep them!!

  7. Bring back the original cast Shia and Megan…its the only way and the best way. That’s all oh and keep gi joe out.