Transformers 5: Film To Be Shot In Detroit And London, Two Plots For The Film, Standalone Film With Bumblebee!


The casting call for Transformers 5 has been announced and they are using the working title of E75 for the film. The casting call for the film states that those appearing for the audition should be ready to film in Detroit and London. This has given rise to speculation that the shooting for the upcoming film will take place in these two cities.

It was initially reported that Transformers 5 will be shot in either UK or Ireland because Paramount Pictures is looking for the tax benefits that these two countries provide for the production houses shooting in their country. This would facilitate Paramount Pictures to save and use the money to improve the film in general.

However, this report wasn’t confirmed by the studio and then Day Herald reported that Michael Bay had stated that he will always be in love with the city of Chicago and will be returning there with Transformers.

Michael Bay has been brought back to direct Transformers 5 since Paramount Pictures realized that they need his magic touch if they have to live up to the reputation of the previous Transformers movies and go ahead and break their own records. Michael Bay had said in an interview that they will be heading to a new street in Chicago for the movie and also addressed the issue of gun violence in the city stating that they will remove it all with the power of the Transformers.

Now with the casting call being released, it can be fair to say that Transformers 5 will be shot in primarily two location, one being London and the other being Detroit. The Michigan Film & Digital Video office confirmed this news.

A mega deal was signed between Paramount Pictures and Michigan Film. The deal will help the state save $21 million while it will also give another $21 million to the film studio. The deal should have been abolished since the state’s program for incentive was abolished in 2015. However, the Detroit Free Press reported that this deal was made before the abolishment.

The script for Transformers 5 is going to be overseen by Oscar winning scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman. Akiva Goldsman isn’t going to write the script on his own, rather he will be spearheading the team of writers who would be doing it.

Akiva Goldsman on being asked what is it that fans can look forward to in Transformers 5, said that they will be treated aspects of the Transformers franchise that are very popular with the fans, but have never been dealt with on the screen.

He said that Hasbro has created a very deep back story for the Transformers and there are a lot of material to make a large number of films. Akiva Goldsman has hinted that fans might get the opportunity to see the battle between Optimus Prime and Unicron in the upcoming film. This is one of the major aspects of the Transformers story and fans have been dying to watch it to life on screen.

Transformers 5

Goldsman said that the writers are delving into the history of the franchise and the toys and are trying to find out stories to explore. They have a lot of great ideas to fall on. Akiva Goldsman also teased fans with the news that the plot for Transformers 5 is likely to be two fold.

The last film, Transformers: Age of Extinction had ended with Optimus Prime heading to space. Transformers 5 will start in this exact same place and will see Optimus Prime heading to space to talk to the leader of the Quintessons, who are planning on attacking earth and destroying the human race.


  1. I want Transformer 5 movie action figure toys to be made and Bumblebee movie action figure toys to be made.

  2. I’d love to see Micheal Bay touch base with transformers the cartoon movie, maybe bumblebee or someone changing to rodimus prime and maybe optimus prime take a break from this film.


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