Transformers 5: Changes in The Writing Team, Logo Being Revealed, And More


Enstarz has come up with some of the latest news from the world of Transformers 5. The first news is that Akiva Goldsman isn’t going to be directly a part of the writing process. Earlier reports suggested that Goldsman is directly going to be a part of the writers’ room and will be spear heading the process.

The recent update is that Akiva Goldsman will be the supervisor for Transformers 5. There are writers like Iron Man’s Matt Holloway and Art Marcum and Ken Nolan from Black Hawk Down. Akiva Goldsman is going to be the supervisor for G.I Joe and he will also be designing the Micronauts.

The writers’ room has already been working on the story and plot for Transformers 5. There is report suggesting that for Transformers 5, the creators have brought in Micronauts, Cobra Commander and Optimus Prime.

Akiva Goldsman had said that the writers are going to unearth the history of the franchise and bring out plot and characters would love to see, but have never thought would be shown in a film.

There were talks that Paramount was keen on reviving the Micronauts series. With this in mind they shifted Akiva Goldsman to conceptualize the Micronauts. This was because Paramount realized that they have a talented enough team in the writers’ room who can handle the story for Transformers 5.

Akiva Goldsman has also been delegated the task of bringing back the G. I. Joe plotline and with Paramount already in talks of intersecting the world of Transformers and G. I. Joe there are speculations that Paramount might be looking forward to bringing in G. I Joe in Transformers 5.

Fans have told Movie News Guide that they are really keen on seeing how the G. I. Joe franchise can be incorporated into the world of the Transformers. Transformers has a long history to fall back on and to bring in the characters from, but there is no comic book to fall on when it comes to bringing the two different worlds of G. I Joe and Transformers 5 together. This new angle will be something that fans will be keen on watching.

Hasbro President Stephen J. Davis has already made it public that the writing process for Transformers 5 is almost complete. This indicates that the basic premise of the plot is settled and only little changes are going to be made before the characters are worked on and the shooting and special effects starts.

Stephen J. Davies has also confirmed that that there are going to be more sequels. He said that there are going to be more than four sequels for sure. The world of Transformers is so huge and the writers have created such a large universe that they will not be able to complete the story in one or two more sequels.

Transformers 5

Hasbro is going to join hands with Paramount and director Michael Bay for Transformers 5, as had already been made public. The three of them have decided to chalk out at least the next 10 years of the world of Transformers.

IGN has reported that the story line for Transformers 5 is going to have two main plots. One will deal with Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager and the other will deal with Optimus Prime and his journey to outer space to meet the leader of the Quintessons. The plot for the upcoming movie is going to start right where it ended in Transformers: Age of Extinction.


  1. Yeah. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Transformers 5, with Mark Wahlberg and Optimus Prime full glory. Oh, and I hope Paramount will not forget to bring in Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley together, in addition to bringing Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory fame to the screen.

  2. Transformers must be pure….no crossover please….we dont need them….some autobots are protcting other lanets in galaxy….say rodimus