TLC Threatens To Cancel Sister Wives Season 8, Kody Planning On Taking Two New Wives, Sister Wives Addresses Rumors Amongst Health Concerns


Sister Wives viewers have seen a startling event unfold during Season 7 of the series. It looks like polygamist Kody Brown is on his way to divorce his legal wife Robyn and his three spiritual wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine. Kody hasn’t been happy with them lately and feels that are not supportive of him on any issues.

TLC has reportedly refused to accept this plan of Kody Brown. They have threatened to cancel Sister Wives Season 8 if Kody decides to get two new sister wives. Kendra Pollock, a family friend of the Browns, revealed that Kody has been planning on getting two new younger wives for a while now. TLC has decided to put their foot down.

The reality television series that follows the wife of polygamous Kody Brown and his four sister wives has already faced a lot of backlash from the viewers, and TLC doesn’t think that it will be good for Sister Wives Season 8 if Kody gets two new wives.

While the viewers are still skeptical about the polygamous nature of the family, they have connected to the family over the course of the first seven seasons, and the entry of the two new wives in Sister Wives Season 8 may tilt the balance against the network.

Christian Post reported that Kody Brown has already zeroed down on the two women that he is interested in marrying. One of them is family friend Amber, and the other one is Robyn’s niece, Mindy.

While Kody wants to get more wives for himself, he has made it very clear that he is going to stop having kids. This decision was taken by Kody after Robyn gave birth to their daughter, Ariella, who is the 18th child in the Brown family.

With reports about Sister Wives Season 8 set to get cancelled, Kody has come out to voice his concern about the issue and said that he still loves his four wives, and that there isn’t any chance of him leaving them for younger wives. While rumors about Kody wanting to get married keeps circulating, reports are claiming that Kody’s marriage with his four wives has hit rock bottom.

According to Parent Herald, Sister Wives Season 8 is going to be cancelled since Kody Brown hasn’t been keeping well. He has been feeling terrible about his actions in the past. Kody has realized that Meri’s catfish episode was triggered by him to some extent. He has been feeling guilty, and this has started to take a toll on his health.

Kody’s failing health is likely to affect the overall plot for Sister Wives Season 8, and there is a chance the Brown family patriarch might decide to take his family off the air. The family has faced a lot attacks from the media and the public as a whole for their choice of lifestyle, and things have gone from bad to worse with Jackie Overton’s presence.

Sister Wives Season 8

Overton was the same person who had catfished Meri Brown pretending to be Sam Cooper. She is a self-proclaimed hater of the Brown family and has been making life difficult for them.

Meri has yet to come out of the trauma of the incident. The whole family was shocked when they learned about her harrowing experience with the stranger online, and they decided to stand by her.


  1. The failing health is a game changer for TLC and the Browns. Kody’s tragic illness has put the family’s future in doubt on many levels. Obviously he can not add two new wives now that his condition is deteriorating continuously. It’s a sad situation and all fans can do is hope for a miracle now. Christine, Janelle, Meri and Robyn are doing their best to cope and make Kody’s life as comfortable as they can, given the struggles he now faces on a daily basis.

  2. Allegedly, Brown has a super-sized term life insurance policy, with Robyn as the beneficiary, that will leave the family very well taken care of. No financial worries is such a blessing in these times of grief, especially for polygamist families. There is no substitute for thoughtful economic preplanning for the passing of a Polygamy patriarch with many dependants, such as Kody Brown.

  3. One of the great forces at work in the world is Karma, even reality stars are subject to it and Kody Brown is no exception. I feel sorry for the children who will grow up without a father in their lives, but the wages of sin is death. To use four women for sex is a grave