Tierney Reveals Scoops About The Affair Season 3, Alison Might Wreck Cole’s Marriage By Bringing Up Joanie’s Parentage!


There is a lot of anticipation about what’s in store for The Affairs Season 3. The second season of The Affair ended with a lot of surprises and there are a lot of things that are hanging by the ropes now. Enstars reported that the room notes for The Affair Season 3 is ready as a photo of the same was shared by the Sarah Treem, the showrunner.

Sarah Treen shared the photo on her Twitter account and said that she couldn’t believe that she was actually working on future episodes. The very fact that Sarah Treem is working on a time jump is a clear indication that things will work out well for all the characters.

The Affair Season 2 saw Noah (Dominic West) taking the blame for the murder of Scotty (Colin Donnell) in a bid to save both Helen (Maura Tierney) and Alison (Ruth Wilson). Noah realized by the end of The Affair Season 2 that he had behaved terribly with his wife and family and he tries to make things better.

Alison had lied to him about the pregnancy and when Noah finds out that he isn’t the father of Joanie, he was devastated. He leaves the house and decides to have a drink and meets Helen there. The two start talking and eventually realize that they still harbor some feelings for each other.

Maura Tierney spoke to Variety about her character’s arc on The Affair Season 3 and said that things won’t be the way they are in Season 2. The upcoming season is going to be an exciting one and there is going to be a lot of things to deal with.

The second season saw Helen suffer through a lot of pain. Helen had never been one to face hardships face on, but the hard times is going to bring in a change in her.

Tierney informed that Helen will have to learn how to gracefully handle the situation that comes her way. She struggles real hard in the face of hard times and Tierney hopes that The Affair Season 3 gives her some way to gracefully handle the situations.

There is a rumor that Helen isn’t going to stay put while Noah heads to prison. There are chances that she will speak the truth in court and try to create a situation to save Noah.

Ecumenical News has reported that Helen is going to try and convince Max (Josh Stamberg) to change his statement. It was Max who had seen Noah washing off the blood stains from the car after the accident and this shows him trying to destroy the evidence of crime.

Max and Noah had been best of friends and it was shocking to see him go against his friend. The Affair Season 3 will show both Noah and Helen being shocked at Max’s behavior. It was in fact Max to whom Noah had confessed his problems to when he decided to move in with Alison.

The Affair Season 3

With The Affair Season 2 ending with a possibility of a reconciliation between Noah and Helen, there is going to be everything that Helen will do to make sure that his ex-husband and the father of her children doesn’t have to rot in prison for a crime that he hasn’t actually committed.

There is another interesting speculation that has been doing the rounds in the fan forums. While the viewers are more focused with Noah, Helen and Alison being involved in creating circumstances that killed Scotty, there is a chance that none of them are actually involved in it.