The World of Final Fantasy XV Is Huge and Feels Similar Witcher 3, The Latest Platinum Demo Has Left Us Rather Surprised!


Things are looking good for Final Fantasy fans will lots of information being posted daily and there are loads of info poured out at a recent event in Los Angeles which included some major footage of a huge Titan striding in and punching the ground hard.

We have witnessed new combat, new friends, enemies and a star-studded movie tie-in which has even received a release date, 30th September to be exact.

However, the thing which managed to impress most gamers is the world where Final Fantasy XV takes place, the world we get to play in. Right now, the Platinum Demo is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

It is rather small and takes you through a few confined locations. However, when you stop and take a closer look at everything, you realize how rich and ambitious the world where Square is trying to craft really is.

Right now, it is clear that loads of information is being taken from games like Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls. It was admitted by game director Hajime Tabata himself that he was inspired by western open-world games. In case of Witcher 3’s, Geralt roams huge surroundings, searching for beasts and monsters to hunt.

The same surroundings and setting will be seen in Final Fantasy XV and Chocobos can be whistled in like Geralt’s favorite and loyal steed, Roach. The world appears to be quite huge, rugged and wild and similar to any modern open-world game, the world is designed to be the perfect stomping ground for 100 feet Gods.

They will end charging in and rescuing Noctis in a pinch! Right now, we are in a console generation where every open-world game needs to be as huge as Metal Gear Solid or Witcher 3. Final Fantasy XV is a far-cry from all the past FF games which were quite surreal and fantastic but quite small in scope.

Therefore, how is it possible to keep the Final Fantasy essence intact without getting lost in a massive proving ground? Besides the promises of beautiful vistas and awesome waterfalls, there are small hints which point at much bigger things. These are things which make a world feel real.

These are thing which make sci-fi cities and robots sound appropriate in a world where gigantic Titans can drop in at any moment. There is a greatly detailed ice cream cart sitting in a town plaza, which can be further utilized by inhabitants.

You will find randomly strewn books and magazines with interesting, read-worthy covers. There are also three individual brands of imaginary crackers. At the same time, you can have all the mountains and beautiful vistas you dream about but small details like these are the ones which forces you to keep exploring.

Final Fantasy XV

You will definitely feel like uncovering the hidden stories and lives of NPCs who keep brushing past you from time to time. Final Fantasy XV strikes a perfect balance between the fantastic and the mundane. For instance, you get to talk with Carbuncle.

He is a mythical beast capable of granting you special magical powers but you get to talk to it through text messages and Chocobo emojis.

This might sound ridiculous but it is interesting to say the least. Carbuncle has a magic gem sticking out of its forehead but even then, it looks quite real. Carbuncle was based on a fennec fox but with longer and adorable ears.


  1. It’s hard to tell impatient kids these days to “take a closer look”. I have seen alot of ppl complaining how dull the platinum demo is after playing it for 20 minutes, when in fact this demo can easily take them up to 2 hours to explore everything and get to every secrets. The content is actually rich. What Impresses me is that, if u trigeer certain events at a certain time if the day the outcome is slightly different. Not every kid is patient enough to go through that, though. IMO SE has taken a slightly off direction in terms of grabbing new players attention bcuz of that reason.

    Overall, it’s a beautiful demo.