The Story Behind Secrets and Lies Season 2, Premiere Date Revealed!


There were reports suggesting that Secrets and Lies Season 2 will be released along with the summer lineup of ABC. However, that doesn’t look like a possibility since the network has already released the list of shows that will premiere on the network this summer and Secrets and Lies Season 2 isn’t included in it.

This has completed disappointed the fans since they had expected ABC to include the series in the summer line of programs after it was left out of the winter and spring lineup.

Fans had been very hopeful that Secrets and Lies Season 2 will soon be released since creator Barbie Kligman had informed fans on the social media that the premiere date for the second season of the mystery series will be announced soon.

Fans had been skeptical about the series. There hasn’t been much information about Secrets and Lies Season 2 and neither were there any official news on it. However, when fans inquired about the upcoming season, Barbie Kligman said that the second series is certainly happening and the fans will be able to hear something about it soon enough.

Even Noah Nelson, the writer of Secrets and Lies have assured the fans that the second season is a reality and will be out soon.

There is an IMDB page that lists the episodes of Secrets and Lies Season 2 and even states that one of the episodes will premiere on 1st of July. However, there cannot be any truth to this since one of the episodes on that same list has supposedly been premiered in January.

Secrets and Lies Season 1 had been introduced to fill up the gap left behind during the midseason hiatus of a series. It went on to become a hit and now the network has realized that it will have to open up a slot for it.

Fans of Secrets and Lies are hoping that the series has been left behind for the fall lineup so that it becomes the first series to get its own slot and doesn’t have to be squeezed in between other series.

Cinema Blend has reported that Secrets and Lies Season 2 being a serious show has been left out of the summer lineup purposely. Summer is usually a time for family and people are busy in different activities. It is usually during fall that people get back into a routine and with the kids back in school, there are more viewers for the television.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 is going to be a little different from the first season. It has been reported that Juliette Lewis is the only one from the first season who will be coming back for Season 2. She plays the role of Detective Andrea Cornell and she will come in with a completely different team this time round.

Secrets And Lies Season 2

Ryan Philippe has confirmed that he will not be returning for Secrets and Lies Season 2. He said that he will not be coming back to reprise the role of Ben Crawford.

The first season had seen Ben Crawford come out to take the blame for Tom’s murder even though Detective Cornell had a feeling that the real murderer was Abby (Belle Shouse). Cornell, however, didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Abby.

The second season of Secrets and Lies is reportedly going to see Detective Cornell get involved in a case with the Warners. Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster) has been killed and Cornell makes her husband, Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) the prime suspect.


  1. I recorded season one, I was looking forward to season two. Since Ryan Phillipe will not be returning neither will I.

  2. I would love to watch Secret & Lies season 2. I really loved watching it. I believe it could come back better than ever. Don’t believe it is right to get people interested in a show & not being it back