The Sims 4: Major Expansion Pack On Its Way, Origin Offers Game at 58% Discount, And More


The Sims 4 is a video game developed by Maxis and it was globally released in 2014. The game which was published by Electronics Arts falls under the life simulation game category. Like its predecessors, Sims 4 allows players to control their Sims and make them perform various tasks. The Create a Sim feature of the game enables players to create and design Sims as per their likings.

Recently it was announced by the developers of the game that a brand new expansion pack for The Sims 4 is on its way towards fans. This expansion pack has been named Get Together and it will be made available to fans sometime during the next month. The expansion pack will add the city of Windenburg to the game along with some other new aspects and features.

Get Together will bring forth the new city and will also ensure a brand new social experience for the players. Some new special venues are coming with the update which could be explored by players and these include—The Von Haunt Estate, The Bluffs, The Ancient Ruins and The Café Venue.

Certain changes have been brought about to the game’s Pool Venue, the Nightclub and the Bar. New natural pool decorations have been added to The Community Pool Venue along with different colors for the pool water. The Nightclub and Bar have been modified too and they now have the look of European-themed Discotheques and quaint Pubs respectively.

The pub comes with certain fun games like Darts, Don’t Wake the Llama and Foosball which will work towards cheering up the Sims community. The Discotheque will hold special themed nights for the party animals like the Ladies’ Night, throughout the week.

The Von Haunt Estate is a garden property in Windenburg which has a historical value. The place is being advertised as a renowned museum and also a place of tourist attraction. The best feature of this place is definitely the perfectly maintained hedge maze. Once Sims enter this maze, it could be really difficult for them to find a way out of it and chances are high that the Sims may stumble upon the ghosts of the ex-owners of the estate in the maze.

The Bluffs is the name given to the beautiful deserted island located far away from the general locality. This island is gives a wonderful view of the Windenburg lake and it could be used by groups of Sims for a perfect getaway.

Sims can create bonfires on the island and sit around it or can enjoy themselves in the water of the lake by swimming or just floating around in it. The elusive sea monster of Windenburg is also rumored to have made this island its home.

The Ancient Ruins is a beautiful preserved place which could be explored by the Sims in the light of day. The place could also be turned into a perfect location for a night-time dance party. The gigantic ruined walls of this place could be used as a background for creating a dance stage complete with DJ booths, laser beams and fog lights.

The game’s new Café Venue could be used by players to order drinks for their Sims. The Sims could choose to have the drink in the venue itself or order a takeaway for the road. The venue has a new Barista NPC and an Espresso Machine ready to serve any of the available beverages along with certain pastries to the Sims.

The Sims 4

Apart from these, The Get Together expansion pack will allow players to create certain clubs with like-minded Sims. This new feature is a significant addition to the game and its announcement has made fans even more excited for the release of the update.

Players can create their own clubs and name them as per their choice. They will even have the ability to decide the dress code of the members of the club.


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