The Leftovers Season 3: HBO Renews the Series for the Last Time, Lindelof Lets Out Scoops, And More


The fans of The Leftovers got a great Christmas and New Years gift. It was announced right around the corner from Christmas that The Leftovers have been renewed for another season. However, this wasn’t completely happy news since it was also revealed that Season 3 of The Leftovers will be the final season.

The news of the renewal was revealed by Michael Lombardo who is the president of HBO. The announcement was made on 10th December and along with this Lombardo also stated that HBO is particularly happy with the show had been progressing.

It is one of the most distinct and well-loved series on the network. Lombardo also credited The Leftovers for their original story, which is their USP.

In spite of all the praise showered on The Leftovers by Michael Lombardo, the main reason for The Leftovers being wrapped up after Season 3 is that it is not enjoying a good TRP.

HBO wasn’t keen on continuing with the series after the abysmal premiere season, but they decided to go ahead and there was some scope since Season 2 of The Leftovers got better TRP.

However, the viewership rating wasn’t a decent one for HBO to keep continuing with it and hence after upholding the formal request of giving the series a natural ending, HBO decided to end the series. Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrota requested HBO to let them finish the story of The Leftovers and HBO decided to let them have their way.

Damon Lindelof, the creator of the series told Variety that The Leftovers Season 3 being the last season for the series will pack in a great and tear-jerker finale. Lindelof also joked about Kevin’s (Justin Theroux) fate in The Leftovers Season 3. Kevin is about to beat Kenny from South Park’s record of being resurrected from the dead.

Kevin had already been killed and resurrected twice in The Leftovers Season 2 and fans are waiting to find out if there’s something similar written in his fate yet again.

Lindelof isn’t someone who shies away from using the same trick twice and there are chances that Kevin might end up seeing the purgatory again in the third season of The Leftovers.

When asked what’s store for the Garveys, Lindelof said that they are still toying with the idea of moving them. David Lindelof said that he had also thought whether the plan of moving the Garveys again will work.

He said that there is a part of him that doesn’t think that is a good idea to go ahead with the same idea once again just because it had worked the first time.

However, he said that there are cases where the same trick has worked twice. The main reason for thinking about the prospect of moving the Garveys is because the fans are still looking forward to see if all the Garveys end up in Australia.

The Leftovers is based on the novel of the same name by Tom Perrota. The first season was completely based on the novel, but since Season 2 the plot has been taken forward without anything to fall back on.

The Leftovers Season 3

The plots, twist and unexpected jumps were worked on by Lindelof’s team and it will be surprising to know that the TRP of the show improved in the second season.

The show was blamed to be grim and dark, but with Season 2, The Leftovers started bringing in a little dry humor in the midst of all the misery and grimness. With the third season set to be the final season for The Leftovers, there are a lot of loose ends that have to be tied by the creator.


  1. Great news!! I’m a huge fan of the show and couldn’t be more pleased to hear that ‘The Leftovers’ is being renewed for a 3rd season.