The Affair Season 3: Mystery Over Scotty’s Death Cleared, Next Season to be High On Drama!


The mystery surrounding the murder of Scott Lockhart (Colin Donnell) was finally cleared in The Affair Season 2. It turned out that the reason for the death was an accident.

Noah (Dominic West) takes the blame for the murder instead of making Helen suffer for it. However, this isn’t the last of this. The finale of The Affair Season 2 gave the viewers get a clear idea of what had happened and when in the perspectives of the three main characters.

International Business Times reveals that in Noah’s perspective, he was the one that caused the accident. Noah had gone away to the bar to calm down after he gets upset with Alison (Ruth Wilson) when she comes clean to him about the fact that Joanie isn’t his daughter.

While Noah was sitting at the bar, he runs into Helen (Maura Tierney) his ex-wife. The two have always been very good friends and they share a bond that Nick will never be able to share with Alison.

The two start talking as they take a walk down the beach. They trace their relationship and it looks like Helen and Noah might be regretting their decision of ending their marriage.

While driving, Noah instinctively touches Helen on her hands and caresses her, which impulsively causes Helen to look away from the road and in the very next moment she hits something hard, which turns out to be Scotty.

When the viewers get into Alison’s perspective they see that Alison had run away from the wedding after she informs Noah that Joanie wasn’t his baby. She doesn’t know what to do next and starts walking down a very narrow road. She wanted to be away from everybody and everything but meets Scotty who is completely drunk.

Scotty tries to convince Alison to let him on a business deal with Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson), but Alison refuses. In order to wet his anger, Scotty tries to rape Alison, but he pushes him away towards the road and the very next minute Helen’s car runs him over.

When The Affair Season 3 returns, the viewers will find out what’s next for Noah. Sarah Treem, the show runner, has informed Movie News Guide that the next season will see a change in tone.While

While Treem has let this secret out, she hasn’t given any elaborate information on what viewers can expect from the plot of The Affair Season 3.

According to International Business Times, Sarah Treem already has a plot in mind for Season 3. Treem said that they had already conceptualized the different seasons for The Affair. Each season of The Affair would be corresponding to a different stage in a love affair.Season 1 of The Affair was the stage of the crush, whereas Season 2 was when the charm fades and the individuals start to doubt and get obsessed about each other.

Season 1 of The Affair was the stage of the crush, whereas Season 2 was when the charm fades and the individuals start to doubt and get obsessed about each other.

The Affair Season 3

With each season, the show is only set to get darker. Treem has confirmed that the equation between the individuals is set to change again and things will again be moved around and adjusted.

Joshua Jackson, who plays the role of Cole Lockhart has informed that The Affair Season 3 will see the characters reaching a place where the suffering of the characters will not be the central focus. It will be about a resolution.