Teaser For Second Half Of Vikings Season 4 Released, Lagertha To Come Back, Gets Three Emmy Nominations!


Vikings Season 4 had been a very anticipated season because it was supposed to depict the imminent death of the Viking King, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). The midseason ended without Ragnar’s death, and now fans are confident that the second half of Season 4 of Vikings is surely going to show Ragnar’s death.

Those who are familiar with the pages of history will be aware that Ragnar is killed by snakes. However, things took an unexpected turn in Vikings Season 4’s midseason finale. The viewers see the Vikings destroyed by the Frankish army under Rollo’s (Clive Standen) command and then Ragnar disappears.

There was a speculation that Vikings Season 4 is going to see a time jump, and this is what the viewers see in the midseason finale of Vikings Season 4. After a time jump of six years, Ragnar’s sons are all grown up, and they are not well disposed towards their father.

They had to grow up without a father figure since he took off after the second siege of Paris. Each of them harbors a hatred towards Ragnar, and since they have already survived without a father, they didn’t want one anymore. Plus, there are already talks of who would replace Ragnar as the king.

As reported by TV Guide, Michael Hirst said that while Ragnar is worried about his sons overthrowing him, he isn’t worried about Ivar. However, this is an irony because according to the pages of history, Ivar becomes one of the most powerful and influential Viking.

Ragnar is shown returning to Kattegat and seeing the hatred for him amongst his sons; he urges them to kill him. This is where the series comes to its midseason halt, and the viewers are faced with the predicament of witnessing a very new plot to the story of the Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok.

There is a teaser that has come out and one of them shows an old Ragnar sitting on the floor in a laid back manner, with what looks like shackles on his arms. It seems like he is confined to the room and this has caused much anticipation among the viewers since it appears to be a new take on the story of Ragnar, something that the viewers never saw coming.

The siege of Paris shows Lagertha getting a fatal blow on her chest and then she isn’t shown on screen anymore. This caused a lot of speculation that Lagertha will not survive the attack, and she will be killed off. This assumption became stronger when Lagertha isn’t shown in the time jump episode.

Vikings Season 4

Hofmag has reported that Michael Hirst has come out to reveal that Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is going to survive the blow and is going to be back in the second half of Vikings Season 4.

The fans know that Lagertha is crucial to the story, and hence the showrunners cannot take her out of the plot.

Even Katheryn Winnick teased the fans with the fact that she will be returning for the second half of Vikings. She shared a photo of her hair done in a Celtic fashion. Even her stylist, Dee Corcoran has spilled the beans on Lagertha’s sartorial issues in Vikings. She revealed that Lagertha would have pieces of Celtic metal in her hair when she is prepping up for battle is going to look majestic.


  1. I have been loving watching the show up to now because it has been playing so close to the things passed down from my grandparents and great-grandparents. I know for many it is just an adventure show that happens to be on the History channel but for me it has been a bit of a journey into my past and in turn the past of my children as well.The only thing is since the third season and now the fourth has really been overdone is the time jumps. I know they need to however and seasons are great times to take these breaks however even within seasons there are these breaks and you wonder “did I miss a couple episodes”? For example, Lagertha is cheated on, Ragnar is like what is the big deal, she is the strong woman and not only brawls him but leaves when he won’t rid of the newcomer because of her honor and her strength which itself is a good for girls to see that strength but then the next episode you see her all dressed up and being slapped around when if Ragnar tried that she would be telling him to grab a shield and would fight and then have fun making up. Where is that missing footage? It is not even a special feature in the dvd. Somewhere it started out like a show for everyone and then it turned more kid adventure. Now they are talking comic books for bridging those gaps. I know comics are being a big thing now, but what audience is the creators trying to reach really? We really don’t have to kill Ragnar off so soon.

  2. It looked to me like Lagertha’s wound was in the shoulder not the chest. I never thought it was fatal and I think you would lose a lot of viewers if it had.