Suits Season 5: Mike Arrested, Producer Gives out Snippets, And More Information


Season 5 of Suits just completed it is midseason finale and it is ended in a cliffhanger that fans are desperately wanting to find an answer. The Season 5 episode 10 saw Mike Ross being arrested for having continued under the pretence that he graduated from Harvard, when he hadn’t.

With Mike being handcuffed and taken away from the law firm, fans were also shocked at Harvey handing over his resignation. With the second half of Suits Season 5 not coming back on television until 2016, fans are trying to find answers to how this could suddenly happen.

There are a lot conjectures about who has turned Mike in, some are of the opinion that it is Rachel’s parents. Her parents have always been a skeptical about her decision to marry Mike and fans are of the opinion that might stoop this low to stop the marriage plans in this fashion.

Rachel comes from a very influential family and this secret of Mike’s had gone public then it wouldn’t have been good for their reputation. Korsh has hinted at the fact that it was almost an open secret in the firm and there were a lot of people who were aware of Mike’s secret.

Fans believed that maybe it was the priest to whom Mike had recently confessed about her insecurities of losing Rachel and the lies from his past, who had informed the police about the fraud. Korsh said that being a priest, the laws of confession will bind him from reporting about Mike to the police.

Show creator Aaron Korsh has revealed that while Mike and Rachel’s relationship is going to be badly hit with this news, it will not be the end to it. When the midseason premiere of Suits Season 5 returns with the 11th episode titled Blowback, fans might be able to find the answer and they will be shocked to find out who the person was behind it.

Korsh told The Hollywood Reporter that while the first question that came to the mind of the fans when they saw Mike get arrested was who let out this secret to the police. However, as a show runner, this wasn’t the first thing on Korsh’s mind. He was more interested to find out how they will bring Mike out of this tiny mess that he has created for himself.

Korsh revealed that he has been overwhelmed by the kind of response that he and his team have been getting from the fans after Mike’s issue was shown on screen. Korsh has revealed that Suits Season 5 is going to be a complete game changer for every one of the characters and things are going to take an interesting turn.

Suits Season 5

With Mike coming out to be a fraud, Harvey who is his very close friend and the senior partner at the Pearson Specter Litt law firm, there is going to be a major repercussion on the law firm. There are possibilities that Mike will get Harvey as his lawyer and it is the only way that he can come out of the criminal cases that will be charged on him.

Suits Season 5 had begun with Harvey in a complete mess with Donna leaving him and joining Louis Litt. Season 4 of Suits showed Donna confessing about having feelings for Harvey. Harvey is jolted up with Donna walking out on him and he spirals into depression, which is so terrible that he has to go and see a counselor.


  1. Why spoil suits, it’s the whole point of the show for Mike to have a secret. There is no way he would go to jail. Done with the show.

  2. Think should move on to Rach and Mike getting joint wedding with Harvey and Donna. Harvey setting up his own firm and Mike doing finance and still helping Harvey on cases but just not officially.