Steam Attacked By SkidNP, Cyber attack Causes Major Problems with Steam Online Gaming Services!


Steam has been hit by some sort of a malfunction or a breach. The world’s largest gaming platform for PC is started allowing people access to other accounts. Moreover, it also forced users to enter accounts belonging to other people.

This clearly means that strangers can gain access to not only your game libraries but also potentially dangerous information like credit card information, purchase history as well as home addresses. This glitch has been explosively reported on Twitter and specific details are still being sorted out.

There was a particular problem where some users started getting Spanish, French or a Russian Landing page instead of English. There are also reports that people were being logged into one of the few different accounts whenever they are trying to sign in.

This also happened whenever they simply refreshed the page of their account or went to a different section of the client. It is quite difficult to decide what needs to be done in a situation as disturbing as this. As a result, staying completely logged out is the best way to go.

Meanwhile, a lot of users were trying to gain access to their own account in order to delete their payment information from Steam so that they are safe from any possible theft in case their account is exposed. There was no official word from Valve or Steam Support Twitter, when it began on Christmas afternoon.

The attack on Steam went quite far beyond anything that turns the service offline. Instead, it provided immediate and easy access to highly sensitive information to an unknown number of users. There has been past attacks on services like PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas.

Around 4:30, Valve shut down the Steam Store along with the Community Site, as a reaction to this breach. It was later revealed that hacking group SkidNP launched a DDoS attack on Steam. This is something they promised to do earlier, over Christmas. At the moment, it is not clear whether this attack has anything to do with what is presently happening at Steam.

We are not sure whether a DDoS attack could cause something like this. However, from the looks of it, the attack appears to be more malicious than it was initially suspected to be. This could also be a technical problem which occurred after the attack. Valve is yet to issue a direct official statement regarding this grave issue. Security expert Troy Hunt said that the attacks could be related.

He stated, “We’ve seen other cases in the past where environments under high load have had session management problems and assigned one person’s identity to someone else. It would be enormously coincidental to have both these issues occur at the same time and not be related.’’

After users experienced issues with Steam on Christmas Day, it was later revealed by hacking group Phantom Squad, through a tweet on Friday that Steam servers would be back online in the near future. The gamers who were trying to test out their new consoles and games were facing outages with several major gaming services on Christmas Day.


This happened after they earlier threatened about cyberattacks. Earlier on Christmas morning, there were some problems reported regarding some features of PlayStation Network. It was later complained by others that they could not gain access to the Steam Gaming platform or its store.

There were thousands of gamers who could not use their game last year when Lizard Squad, a hacking group, reportedly took down both the Xbox and PlayStation Networks over Christmas. Meanwhile, this year Phantom Squad claimed that it would take down PSN and XLive over Christmas. Later, the group said that they would back down and let the consumers enjoy their Holiday.


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  2. This isn’t fair, I finally got the game I put it on steam finally then this squad just destroys others happiness who just want to play a damn game they paid for that is so fu*king inconsiderate.