Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy VII Remake, Game To Be Released In Installments, Work On Schedule, Expect Big Announcement After FFXV Release!


The E3 2015 was a happy event for the fans of the popular game Final Fantasy VII since Square Enix had come out to state that they will be remaking the seventh edition of the game. However, this happiness soon turned into misery because Square Enix became quiet about the remake of Final Fantasy VII and this got the fans worried that the plan had been canceled.

There was another mention about the Final Fantasy VII Remake when game director Yoshinori Kitase informed the fans via the official website of Square Enix that the players can expect the game. He even went on to state that Square Enix is planning on releasing the remake of the popular 1997 game in three parts.

This blog post by Yoshinori Kitase came in December last year and since then there has been no update on the issue. Parent Herald reported that during the time of E3 2016, Square Enix had shared a post stating that the year was a good one for the fans of Final Fantasy. The game developers again became silent when there were inquiries on the post.

When fans started losing hope about Square Enix going ahead with their plan for Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game developer, Tetsuya Nomura gave an interview to KH Insider and pacified all the fans by saying that the development process for Final Fantasy VII Remake is on schedule, and it is going very well. Nomura, however, didn’t make any further elaboration on the topic.

Nomura told the fans that they needn’t worry since the work on Final Fantasy VII Remake is very much on, and Square Enix is working on certain things regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake so that they can make a big announcement about it. Nomura has made it very clear that the developers want to bring out the whole thing out in one go instead of unveiling snippets for the fans.

When KH Insider enquired when the next announcement can be expected, Nomura said that they still do not have a date in mind, but they can guarantee that the wait is going to be worth it and asked the fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake to remain excited about the release of the game.

Those fans who can’t seem to wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake will be happy to know that the latest version of the game has been released on the mobile platform and is available on Google Play Store for $15.99. Those who are interested in downloading the game can do so by freeing 2GB space in their device and will be compatible with Android 4.3 and above.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Initially, there were speculations that Square Enix might not want to go back and remake the 1997 edition of Final Fantasy/. Some felt that instead of remaking an older game, the game developers should be more focused on developing new games from the franchise.

Nomura addressed the issue and said that Square Enix is also focused on developing since with Final Fantasy VII Remake they will be incorporate new elements in the game, which they couldn’t do previously because of lack of technology. There is a chance to expand the game by adding more elements to it.


  1. Games lately have been same old song and dance I wish many devs would do this some of the best games of all time xould be upgraded even 2 d castlevania 4 metroid omg legend of dragoon would be absolutely incredible I could go on and on I’m 46 old gamer and wow the options are endless