Spoilers for Fast And Furious 8 with Michelle Rodriguez aka Leticia “Letty” Ortiz, Having Her Own Wishlist, And More


In a recently conducted interview, Ludacris revealed that he is very excited about returning back to the sets of Fast and Furious 8. On the red carpet for Teen Choice Awards, Ludacris was recently confronted by Access Hollywood. The actor was present there in order to dedicate hosting the awards for his daughter on her birthday.

She accompanied Ludacris at this event and during an interview with the entertainment publication, Ludacris reported that the filming for Fast and Furious 8 is scheduled to begin next year and he is very much a part of it. He was quoted saying, “Furious 8 is happening, we start shooting next year, and it comes out April of 2017 so far.”

Ludacris was asked whether he was happy about returning to the familiar sets with familiar people and he declared that he was highly excited to make her daughter proud and put food on the table, while pointing at his daughter standing next to him.

Vin Diesel was also heard talking about the movie in this same event while accepting the win for Choice Action/Adventure movie for Furious 7. Diesel thanked the fans a lot and remembered Paul Walker at the same time. He also revealed something that could end up being an important part for the upcoming Fast and Furious sequel. The upcoming eighth installment in this franchise will be named Fast 8.

Following the huge success of its predecessor Furious 7, this could end up being the official title for this film. The award won by Vin Diesel was dedicated by him to Paul Walker’s memory and shared the fact that he was family to all of them. He declared that he cannot stand there without referring to someone who was immensely important to them.

According to him, one of the best blessings in their lives is the fact that they call Pablo as their brother. He said, “Paul Walker is here in spirit with us.” The actor called the sequel Fast 8 and ended with, “I love all of you. I love all of you, and until Fast 8…”

The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most successful franchises in the history of Hollywood. According to popular reports, even before Fast and Furious 7 had the chance to hit theaters, people had already started talking about Fast and Furious 8.

Michelle Rodriguez spoke to Entertainment Tonight during a break, while playing Call of Duty Black Ops II. Michelle Rodriguez plays Leticia “Letty” Ortiz Toretto, the wife of Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Vin Diesel) and she disclosed her own personal wishlist involving the upcoming movie and sequel to Fast and Furious 7.

Fast And Furious 8

On a surprising and rather exciting note, this includes the mention of Angelina Jolie to make a possible appearance as one of the actresses in this film. She declared that they need to ‘bring up the ante’ and according to her, it would be sexy to have Angelina Jolie in the cast which could in turn, be a powerful presence that has never been seen before.

Rodriguez further admitted that it would be really cool if she teams up as a part of her team as she is personally tired of fighting against her female co-stars in the franchise. According to her, it would be great to see the female roles evolve and rise above something more than hitting and fighting against each other.


  1. i think fast and furious 8 will b awesome as they usually r i like the idea of having angelina jolie in there i think its great that vin, jason, kurt, and dwayne r all planning 2 return i heard helen mirren was going 2 b in the film that’ll b interesting it was said that she’d b teaming up with jason in fast 7 he played fast 6 villains bro so will she b playing their mam or something as 4 paul walker i don’t think much will change in the film because paul wasn’t in tokyo drift and that was still a decent film