Sister Wives Season 6: Upcoming Season to Focus on Robyn’s Pregnancy, Meri Not Coming Back, And More News


Sister Wives Season 6 is set to return on screen in January and fans are already aware of the plot line that the TLC reality series will follow. This season will focus solely on Kody Brown and Roby’s marriage and the birth of their second child.

The last season of Sister Wives saw Meri Brown divorcing her husband for 25 years to give his spiritually married wife Robyn the chance to win the custody of her children from her previous marriage. Meri’s sacrifice won the hearts of the whole family and the viewers.

TLC will this season focus mainly on Robyn and the changes happening in her life. Robyn is already fighting a tough legal battle for the custody of her two children. She hasn’t been a legal wife of Kody Brown and this made things a little difficult while facing the legal sysem.

Sister Wives’ official page on Facebook has recently been updated with news about the upcoming season. There was a video featuring the journey of Kody Brown and Robyn. The video showed the couple’s journey in the show.

There was also an update about the baby that the two are expecting. It was in an interview with People Magazine that Kody Brown first revealed that he and Robyn were expecting their second child in January. This will be Kody’s 18th child.

While there were talks about Robyn and a lot of updates about what is going to be happening to her and Kody, TLC refrained from making any comments about Meri Brown, the eldest wife of the Brown family.

Meri Brown is active on the social media and has been updating cryptic messages about her life, leading fans to speculate that she has moved on from her life with the Brown family. She has talked about signs and fulfilling dreams and this is a clear indication that she planning on taking a grip on her life and going ahead to fulfil her dreams of getting a college degree.

Meri has been sharing sad posts on the social media. When asked by fans whether she was fine, she said that it was just her emotions that were making her speak like that and that she was doing well.

Meri’s decision to divorce Kody was a sudden one and while it was seen as a move for sacrifice, it looks like things are not simple as they were thought to be. It was thought to be huge sacrifice on her part where she happily gave up a successful marriage for someone else’s happiness, but it looks like it wasn’t that successful a marriage after all.

Meri has avoided any mention on the social media on the occasion of her 25th marriage anniversary. Even when family and friends had wished her on the occasion, she had refrained from any activity on the media on that day.

Sister Wives Season 6

In a confessional session regarding Sister Wives Season 6, Meri Brown has spoken about wanting to move on and make a positive change in her life. She has already revealed that she wants a man who will be nice and good to her and this had hinted at the fans that she might not been having a good and successful marriage with Kody.

Meri Brown has said that she would like to try out a monogamous relationship and by the look of it, there seems to be a new person in her life. Meri Brown has taken to tagging an unknown friend on her posts on the social media and there are speculations that she is dating someone new.


  1. Robyn is a conniver and a betrayer, as well as a false friend to Meri. Meri can smash the brittle web holding the women to Kody, watch the whole farce unravel in her wake and find true happiness in one fell swoop. I hope she runs away from this fake family unit headed by a selfish, peevish manchild and the unlovely witch Robyn with her huge manly chin, beak nose and beady eyes.

  2. I truly hope Meri has moved on and that she does find love in a monogamous relationship. How can any woman think she will be happy sharing a husband and children with multiple wives? Janelle, dump your so called spiritual husband and grow a spine. Raise your kids and find happiness without all the baggage of a bum like Kody and the heart break you are putting your kids through. A monogamous relationship and marriage is tough enough. But why settle for a so called man who feels he must have multiple wives and children he obviously cannot support financially. I think Christine is hopeless. She obviously has no self esteem and is willing to take what she thinks she deserves. sad. Kody is a jerk. Plain and simple.

  3. This show is a joke, TLC should be ashamed of themselves for paying money to this family for their illegal lifestyle. I don’t care how they live their lives but just don’t broadcast it on tv. Last time I looked, polygamy was illegal. These women are fools for putting up with this guys bs. He only has eyes for Robyn. The other women are along for the ride. I only feel sorry for all the kids. They can’t choose their parents. It must be embarrassing to them going to school and having other kids tease them about their dads bed hopping skills. This show is their life line. Kody sold his soul to the devil-TLC. These women are so brain washed into believing that that eternal salvation is dependant on Kody. They are taught that they have to suffer and make sacrifices in order to join Kody on his planet. I’m sorry, but this is just absurd. I don’t know of any woman who would settle for 1/4 of a man. I bet they don’t even get this much since Robyn entered the picture. Kody is the only one to benefit from this type of relationship. Ladies, stop settling for this ass and get your own man. You all deserve happiness. I don’t see the 3 girlfriends as being happy. Ladies, you are not WIVES. Robyn is now the legal wife. You other 3 are just baby mamas. Wake up and leave this abusive situation. Yes, polygamy is abusive to women and children. Why are you doing this to your kids. Don’t you want your kids to be happy knowing that their mothers can’t be stomped on anymore by Kody. Polygamy is wrong on so many levels. The Browns are not the poster family for polygamy. Too many tears and heartache.

  4. I will not watch Sister Wives; I will not be a part of ratings support/advertising revenue to sustain their four-mansion lifestyle. I hope others do the same.

  5. I am done.
    Cody has moved to a younger model. Glad Mel is out. Other 2 are stuck.
    No means of support. they have to take Cody;s shit and eat it with a spoon.
    I hope one grows a set and puts Robin in her place…out the door.

  6. The romance between Robyn and Kody is the most interesting aspect of the series, everything that has occurred has lead to Kody finally finding his soul mate and one true love. The other women were instrumental in bringing the lovers together, but now they need to step back and not interfere and mind their own business. Robyn is the legal wife and Janelle, Christine, and Meri should butt out because they have made themselves unwelcome by wasting Kody’s and Robyn’s time. They were indeed part of Kody’s old life, but now they aren’t needed and don’t fit in any more in Kody’s heart of hearts.

  7. How tiresome that would be. Thanks KS for the heads-up. I’ll pass on the Robin centric Season.