Sister Wives Season 6: TLC Launches Season Preview, Change in Family Dynamics, and More!


TLC has released a sneak peek for the Sister Wives Season 6 and by the look of it, Meri Brown seems to be struggling with her decision to divorce her husband of 25 years. In the previous season of Sister Wives Meri took the shocking decision to divorce Kody so that Robyn, one of his spiritual wives can legally wed him.

According to In Touch Weekly, the Sister Wives Season 6 preview video has Meri Brown talking about the divorce. She says that her decision to divorce Kody was initiated because she wanted Kody to adopt Robyn’s kids from her earlier marriage.

Robyn is fighting a tough legal battle to win the custody of her children and becoming someone legal’s wife gives her the opportunity to keep her kids to herself. Robyn had greatly appreciated the initiative taken by Meri and thanked her graciously.

The Brown family had been very open by this change in family dynamics. They said that they were restructuring the family structure and nothing more. Meri would still remain Kody’s wife, but just not his legal wife.

However, fans are not going to believe situation so easily. Some feel that Meri has wanted an out for a very long time and this divorce will give her the opportunity to leave the Brown family and start a new life for herself.

It can be assumed from the clip released by TLC that it isn’t easy for the family to move on with the divorce. There are bound to be difficulties in coping with certain aspects of the change and Meri’s tweets seem to be hinting at that. She has been posting cryptic texts about struggling to deal with something and fans feel it is the divorce that she is talking about.

Meri had also decided to share the fact that she wants to divorce Kody with Robyn before actually finalizing it with her legal husband and that doesn’t seem to have been taken very well with him.

Robyn was very perplexed when she found out that Meri had gone ahead with the divorce even before she could talk about it to Kody and advices her to speak to him. Robyn also shared in a confessional and she found it rather odd that Meri would confide in her and not to Kody about going ahead with the divorce.

Because there is a gap between the actually occurrence of incidents and the screening of the season, it is likely that Kody and Robyn have already tied her knot. Sister Wives Season 6 will show the family with a new set up.

Meri Brown is very active on the social media, but she has been visibly absent ever since July. This has got fans a little worked up. However, there are opinions that Meri is staying away from the social media to get a little drama on since the fans will be keen to know about what’s happened to her and would tune in to watch the season premiere in September 13th.

Sister Wives Season 6

Sister Wives Season 6 will deal with the divorce drama as well as the legal battle that Robyn is fighting with her ex-husband. The upcoming season is also going to see a lot of family drama that will come with the change in the family dynamics.

Given the polygamous nature of the Brown family, the divorce proceedings in reality are only be a paper shuffle. However, ever since the divorce, so much has changed that the family will have to struggle to get back to its normal state.


  1. Robyn seems to have taken over the majority of Kody’s interest. Must be very, very difficult on the other three who honestly try so hard. Just makes you want to cry.

  2. The worst thing that happened to the brown family is the appearance of robyn
    she’s a hypocrite
    if kody isn’t able to adopt robyns kids will he do the right thing and divorce robyn and give back meri her right full place in the brown family hiarchy
    I don’t for one moment believe the divorce decision came as a shock to kody or robyn, I’m sure she sat in the backdrop grinning like a Cheshire cat, liking it’s lips
    robyn go away