Sister Wives Season 6: Robyn Enjoys a New Status, Meri Confesses While Janelle Is Worried!


The preview of Sister Wives Season 6 has created quite a lot of drama. It seems like according to the video released by TLC Meri Brown isn’t very happy about divorcing Kody Brown. Meri was the only legal wife of polygamist Kody Brown, but she gave up the position in favor of his other spiritual wife Robyn.

Kody has faced a lot of criticism and also has legal proceeding against him because of his polygamist lifestyle, but he maintains that he isn’t breaking any law since is legally married to only one of his wives while he is spiritually married to the others.

The spiritual wives do not enjoy the legal benefits of being a wife and this was the reason by Meri decided to let Robyn marry Kody legally. Robyn is going through a nasty legal battle with her ex and she is fighting for the custody of her children from the previous marriage.

The legal courts of USA wouldn’t let Kody adopt her children from the previous marriage since he is not Robyn’s legal wife. In order to give Robyn the chance to get her children, Meri had decided to divorce Kody in order to give Robyn the chance to chance to become his lawfully wedded wife.

The preview of Sister Wives Season 6 shows that Meri and Robyn share a very close relationship where Meri confides in Robyn her decision to divorce Kody even before he is aware of it. According to International Business Times, this confession completely shocks Robyn and she immediately advices Meri to inform Kody.

For the Brown family, the divorce between Kody and Meri isn’t a big deal because it is only going to be a change in the paperwork. Meri is going to keep being Kody’s wife, just not his legal wife. However, by the look of it things aren’t going to be as easy as they thought it would be.

In a confessional video Meri Brown has revealed that she is struggling to deal with the decision of divorcing Kody. It is hard to see the dynamics change after 25 years of marriage and she is too overwhelmed emotionally to do anything.

Meri is very active on the social media and fans were very worried when she kept on sharing depressing posts. Some even asked her if everything is fine and she said that it was just her emotions that were controlling her actions.

In the TLC video Meri said that she wanted to be a team player and even though seeing Robyn and Kody married feels weird she knows that it’s for a good cause and she is trying her best to be supportive and being there for the family.

Janelle was the only one who seemed to have had second thoughts about the divorce between Meri and Kody. She was well aware that it would change the dynamics within the family. She had even said that the two should have waited until the first day of the year to go ahead with the decision in order to sort tax related issues.

Sister Wives Season 6

While this comment was taken in a light manner by the members of her polygamous family, when she was asked to further comment on the issue, she refrained from it. Janelle has already been vocal about the fact that Robyn’s changed status as the legal wife will change things within the household.

Christine was the first one to express the fact that she wasn’t comfortable with Robyn entering the family and now with Robyn becoming a legal wife things are going to change. T add to that Sister Wives Season is going to largely focus on Robyn with her legal wedding, courtroom drama and her pregnancy.


  1. This is THE most ridiculous show on tv…who cares about 4 unattractive women married to a guy with an AWFUL receding hairline……and all those kids..barf!

  2. Those kids have a living father she has for years tried to allienate them from their dad. They need to dad to sign away rights. Wrong. They are older kids and have little time left as minors anyway. If the dad was willing to sign away it would not be a battle. If the dad was willing to sign away Robyn could have married Janelle or Christine on paper and had then adopt the kids. Brad managed to adopt the kids Angelina had before they met and they were not married. Do they think the American public can’t problem solve. What judge gives custody to a man at home every four days sleeping at other women’s houses 3/4 days? He can be spritual step dad I suppose. The whole marriage has been a fraud since Janelle came along. None deserve a marriage license.

  3. I think Meri was smart. Now Robin can be legally responsible with Kody for all the kids and other bills..
    She is a single home owner .. Free to enjoy life without the burden of Cody’s responsibilities.
    I also find an issue with the fact she is supposed to be feeling depressed..If they all feel the same way, as a wife. Why would there be an emotional feeling of anything really changing..?
    I think part of being in the lifestyle is in trying to convince yourself that being the legal wife, is not a big deal emotionally.
    It seems there is a lot of brain washing involved in this religion..Made by men for men..
    Only Cody gets the benefit of falling in love and having exciting trips and anniversaries, no matter how many times he decides to “court” and take on a new “lover” .. Because that is exactly what it is.
    The women are not “buddies”, but rather sit home alone dealing with life basically as a single, yet not free woman..
    Mari should find a person she can spend time with. That loves her and is there for her.
    Sharing a man this way, leaves a woman deprived. And its sad.

  4. The kids seem to be the main people with anything good to gain from this. Lots of kids to do things with..
    And how else can one man father as many kids as these guy have?
    I used to think bigamy was a financial burden on the fathers.. Seems the women also work to pay for the privilege of being emotionally shafted..
    Dirty deal. Brain washed women… Sad.

  5. Robyn has been the snivvling, powdy, whiney manipulator ever since she showed up. Of course the whole season will all about her.

  6. Jenelle is hurt by others deciding important factors that have to do with her personal life. It’s as though she is taken for granted and expected to go along. How can they be so unthoughtful and uncaring towards Jenelle?

  7. “Robyn and he are going to be welcoming their second child into the family.”

    “Following the divorce, she might leave the Brown household and live on her.”
    **…Live on her what? You’re leaving me in suspense here.

  8. I have friends who during their childhood along with their parents converted and became members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. They (the kids) have all since LEFT the church. The oldest did some extensive research on the history of the church and its founders and found that the church is a sham! Polygamy is an even bigger sham! It’s adultery at best; at worst it exploits and abuses children. Sister Wives is a TRAGIC portrayal of marriage!

  9. This is simply BS, what judge is going to grant an adoption to such a screwed up family? They are on TV for God sakes, so it is not like they can hide it. What I see is an arrogant, self absorbed man taking advantage of 4 women.

  10. I am just waiting for the episode when they haul Cody off to jail…. The first three wives can do so much better. Cody is smitten with his new young wife and the rest of the family is falling away…. Such an ego he has.

  11. Meri by beginning an online relationship has made it clear she is not happy with Kody and the way the family is structured or has been restructured. Nobody watching this show is fooled in the least. Regardless of whether she was talking to a man, or a woman she thought was the man of her dreams, or whether she did it after divorcing Kody, or whether she began this relationship at a “vulnerable” time in her life, the point is she had an affair. She is focusing on being “cat-fished.” Instead of the focus being that she engaged in some pretty intensive conversations with this person, and drove out to meet this person named Sam. It is true that this assistant who actually was the woman cat-fishing Merri showed up, but what if the person she thought was Sam, in the sense that Sam was a man, what would she have done then? She would have probably taken it to the next level such as a sexual affair. Emotional affairs in most cases lead to sexual affairs. The only reason that she did not have sex with this person was because it was the wrong gender. Listen to the tapes. She fell head over heels with this person posing as Sam the man. And how in the world could Kody and the other wives be angry that Meri was duped? She was trying to have and partially achieved an extramarital affair. Is this something they condone? So now it is ok for the women to seek outside relationships, when was this change made? I know they said that Robyn marrying Kody restructured the family, but did this restructuring also include Meri having an online relationship and falling in love, because that is exactly what happened? And sweeping an affair emotional, physical or both under the wrong is the worst approach. Nobody is fooled by their fake solidarity. Meri was in her home on the computer and phone talking to someone she had fallen deeply in love with, and if they as a family unit don’t deal with that, they are headed for big trouble. Basically Meri outed herself but that does not mean she dealt with why she had to find someone outside of their family unit to fill her void. And because the void is still there eventually another affair will happen which may lead to the complete disillusionment of this family.