Sister Wives Season 6: Meri Caught Cheating? Kody Tries to Bond with The Girls, And More


Sister Wives Season 6 is high on drama. The season opened with the dram surrounding the divorce of Kody Brown and Meri. Meri has been married to the polygamist was over 25 years and was his legal wife. However, she decided to end the relationship in favor of Robyn. Robyn was on of Kody’s spiritual wife, but since she was having a custody battle with her ex-husband, Meri thought that getting the status of the legal wife would help her situation.

Even before Sister Wives Season 6 premiered, there was a lot of talk about why Meri had decided to take the decision all of a sudden. While fans have been very supportive of Meri, stating how good a person she is because she decided to give up her own happy married life for the sake of someone else’s happiness, there were reports suggesting that things weren’t as hunky dory as they appeared.

It was reported that Meri was unhappy with her marriage and she wanted quits for a very long time. It was revealed that Meri was tired of living a polygamous lifestyle and wanted a normal monogamous relationship. Meri went through a tough phase at that time and it was rumored that she was even dating someone.

Fans were not sure if Meri would be returning for TLC’s Sister Wives Season 6 since it was thought that she would want to use the opportunity to fulfill her own dreams and aspirations. There was also a lot of negative reports about Meri and Robyn’s relationship, but the TLC show gave a different picture. It was all over the internet that Robyn and Meri do not get along.

The fans ultimately see that it was to Robyn that Meri first reveals her decision to divorce Robyn. Robyn was aghast at hearing this and suggests that Meri should first go ahead and sort things out with Kody.

International Business Times has reported that in her vulnerable time, when she had just divorced Kody and when Kody and Robyn were getting married, she had a weak moment and had started interacting intimately with a stranger on the internet. There are snippets of the conversation available on the internet and it looks like Meri was emotionally attached in the relationship.

In one of her toughest moment, Meri realized that the man she thought she was interacting with, so in fact a woman who was pretending to be a woman. Meri did not confirm this aspect of the supposed cheating, but Fox News did say that she did agree to the fact that she was hoodwinked in one of her most vulnerable moments.

To make matters more interesting in Sister Wives Season 6, Robyn’s younger sister Kenda Pollard-Para have been quoted as saying that both she and Robyn were aware of the real identity of the person that Meri was interacting with and they still decided to keep mum about it. This, fans believe will go on to make the already troubled situation in the Brown household, worse.

Sister Wives Season 6

Brace yourself because there’s more drama coming from Sister Wives Season 6. It looks like Maddie Brown, Kody and Janelle’s youngest daughter is set to marry Kody’s sister-in-law’s brother Caleb Brush. This report of incest has added to the list of things that aren’t approved by the society, but it looks like the Brown family is least bothered.

Christine had complained that Kody doesn’t give attention to his kids and keeping this in mind, Kody took a trip to the beach with all his daughters. It was Ysabel’s daughter and on that occasion, Kody went on a trip with all the little ladies in his life. Even though they had a grand time, Robyn wished that Kody would instead spend one-on-one time with each of his children.


  1. Meri has caused such embarrassment for the family and has made Kody a laughing stock. The things she said about Kody being inadequate in every way were shocking. It goes against everything fans were made to believe. Could speaking the truth destroy the show and get it cancelled? Yes. It’s all because of Kody’s shortcomings in the man department and he has become nothing but a joke.

  2. I think Kody is more in love with himself than he is with his wives or his children. It looks like he is more fond of Robyn. I have watched every episode and these are my thoughts. If I were Meri and Janelle I would go make my own life, they are both capable. I am very tired of Robyn’s drama, she and Kody deserve each other.

  3. Meri by beginning an online relationship has made it clear she is not happy with Kody and the way the family is structured or has been restructured. Nobody watching this show is fooled in the least. Regardless of whether she was talking to a man, or a woman she thought was the man of her dreams, or whether she did it after divorcing Kody, or whether she began this relationship at a “vulnerable” time in her life, the point is she had an affair. She is focusing on being “cat-fished.” Instead of the focus being that she engaged in some pretty intensive conversations with this person, and drove out to meet this person named Sam. It is true that this assistant who actually was the woman cat-fishing Merri showed up, but what if the person she thought was Sam, in the sense that Sam was a man, what would she have done then? She would have probably taken it to the next level such as a sexual affair. Emotional affairs in most cases lead to sexual affairs. The only reason that she did not have sex with this person was because it was the wrong gender. Listen to the tapes. She fell head over heels with this person posing as Sam the man. And how in the world could Kody and the other wives be angry that Meri was duped? She was trying to have and partially achieved an extramarital affair. Is this something they condone? So now it is ok for the women to seek outside relationships, when was this change made? I know they said that Robyn marrying Kody restructured the family, but did this restructuring also include Meri having an online relationship and falling in love, because that is exactly what happened? And sweeping an affair emotional, physical or both under the wrong is the worst approach. Nobody is fooled by their fake solidarity. Meri was in her home on the computer and phone talking to someone she had fallen deeply in love with, and if they as a family unit don’t deal with that, they are headed for big trouble. Basically Meri outed herself but that does not mean she dealt with why she had to find someone outside of their family unit to fill her void. And because the void is still there eventually another affair will happen which may lead to the complete disillusionment of this family.

  4. Well all this is crap I’m married 17 years and think I would want my husband to have more wife’s I’m sure he would love it because all they think abought is the sex that’s all kody brown wants so meri don’t feel bad find a man that wants you and only you and the other wife’s can be in this or run and

  5. Meri brown don’t feel bad I’ve been watching this show from the get go things I’ve seen is BS and you were looking for LOVE well it did not work out but if you want to leave leave and your sister wife you no what one you need to make mends and then leave if you leave but it’s your choice but all you gal need better what dose kody have that you girls stay I don’t understand I don’t think I could do it

  6. I couldn’t agree more! He has made it known by his actions that he only loves Robyn. I think she is fake and disgusting. I feel sorry for Christine…she is literally begging Kody for his attention and he refuses her. Meri has looked miserable for the past couple of seasons. Janelle is my favorite. She seems like the most adult person in their dysfunctional family. I wish her all the luck. I would have left a LONG time ago…like when Robyn became head wife. That snake has slithered her way way in and taken over! Just not her fan at all.

  7. Totally agree, Jasmine. You know what they say as a truism, “once a cheater, always a cheater”. The pasture is always greener to some and the rewards worth the risk. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. 🙂

  8. These women are desperate. He’s obviously living off his wives … does he even have a job. Robyn is the worst & deserves to be with this loser. I feel so srry for his kids.

  9. Kody always says that “love should be multiplied”. I am guessing that it doesn’t apply to his wives.

  10. I think Meri is very unhappy. I like her a lot and feel bad for her. She now has no husband and her only daughter is on her own
    I’m sure she feels alone. I hope she does whatever makes her happy and doesn’t look back at the others. Also What does Cody do for a living? I never could figure that out

    Meri is a divorce woman by the legal standards of the law. No legal law binding marriage exists. I do not recall any recent spiritual weddings for Meri Brown and Kody Brown occurring after the legal divorce.

    Therefore NO extramarital affairs have occurred.

  12. Why after the judge announced that the adoption went through didnt Kody Brown kiss his 1st wife who made this possible? Instead he tenderly holds Robyns head and kisses her so romantically. If I were any one of those other wives I’d split and leave Robyn and Kody to their honeymoooooning.

  13. The full body hugs that Kody does to Aurora are beyond creepy. He thinks no one knows what he’s up to. The show looks like its going to be cancelled. I hope not, the family needs production pay to keep their standard of living where its climbed too. Going back to non-star status would be rough. Someone needs to tell Kody to keep his hands off of Aurora, there is too much to lose.

  14. I feel sorry for Merri .. sorta, kinda. I mean she signed up for this and well, she should live with her decision or leave the “marriage”. That being said, she had one child and is rummaging around a huge house alone. Idol hands are the devils advocate so something was bound to happen when her daughter left for college. Now.. Did I dream this or did it actually happen? Didn’t Meri want to try to have another child, but Kody said “no” to the idea? If I am remembering correctly, why the H is he still procreating with Robin and not the other wives? The whole thing stinks, and if “love should be multiplied not divided” then I say go hard ladies!! Heed Kody’s words and MULTIPLY all that love!! FREE FOR ALL!! LOLLOLOL!!!1

  15. I agree she’s not married she didn’t do anything wrongwas wondering why Mary didn’t get a spiritual wedding like the rest of them did. I agree she’s not married she didn’t do anything wrong

  16. If Kody treated and showed each wife the attention he shows Robyn none of this would have’s so apparent that Robyn is his favorite, always hugging and kissing her. The other 3 just sit and watch him make Robyn his queen. ?.I say to Meri..”YOU GO GIRL” even after you divorced him to help them adopt the children, he takes you to dinner and sits 3 feet away from you.. He is an ungrateful self- centered man! Meri…Get out while you can make a real happy life for deserve better!!

  17. Cody refused to let Mary have another child when SHE asked him. But, he wants more by his new wife. Mary has been alone a lot and has bent over backward to help. Big word here ALONE. Dont judge her unless you have been in her shoes. She has been alone almost all the way through. Who did she have to turn too, no one.