Sister Wives Season 6: Meri Breaks Her Silence, Photos Reveal that the Family is Happily Living Together, And More


When TLC released Sister Wives they knew they were treading on uncharted waters since never before in national television was polygamy supported or promoted. Sister Wives brings to the viewers the Brown family who are very open about their polygamous set-up.

Patriarch Kody Brown legally married to only one of his wives is spiritually married to the other three. He has eighteen children with his four wives. Sister Wives has seen Browns face a lot of legal cases against them since polygamy is illegal in the United States.

However, Kody Brown has continued to fight for his rights saying that he is not doing anything illegal since he is lawfully married to one woman. Kody Brown is also trying to promote polygamy and is fighting for polygamists to come out and advocate their preferred choice of life.

Sister Wives Season 5 saw the Brown family shaken up with the news that Kody and his legal wife, Meri set to separate. They have been married for over 25 years when Meri decided to separate from Kody.

Meri’s decision shook the viewers and the family alike. It was then that Meri revealed that her decision to divorce Kody was because she wanted to give Robyn the chance to be legally married to Kody and get a chance to win the custody of her children.

Robyn, who is spiritually married to Kody, is fighting a nasty legal battle with her ex-husband over the custody of their children. Getting the legal status of Kody’s wife will give her a better chance to win the case.

A new trailer for Sister Wives Season 6 showed Meri revealing her decision to divorce Kody to Robyn. Robyn is completely moved by her decision to let go of her marriage for the sake of another, but she is stunned to find out that Meri never told Kody her decision. Robyn urges Meri to go ahead and talk the whole thing out with Kody.

There were recent reports suggesting that all was not well in the Brown family. While Meri had decided to file for the divorce citing that it was because she wanted Robyn to win the custody of her children, it was actually because she and Kody had their own issues and she wanted an out from the relationship.

Some websites even suggested that Meri was fed up with the whole polygamous setup and was looking to move out of the household and pursue her dreams and aspirations by completing her college education.

Sister Wives Season 6

There are speculations that Meri will not be returning to the Brown household in Sister Wives Season 6. She has had enough of the polygamous setup and is now trying to see how a normal monogamous relationship feels like.

With numerous speculations doing the rounds, Meri had been keeping quiet all this while, but she has finally spoken out. International Business Times has reported Meri has spoken up against all the negative publicity that have been doing the rounds about her family and her.


  1. I don’t think its fair to really point fingers at Robyn or to say that the issues started after she became a wife. Lets face it plural marriages is a disaster waiting to happen. I can’t imagine it being easy watching your husband stay with another woman or your children growing up seeing someone else as a second,third, or fourth mom. That whole dynamic baffles me.