Sister Wives Season 6: Legal Battles, Family Politics and Doubt over Meri’s Return!


Meri Brown has become popular after her announcement that she is going to divorce from Kody Brown in Sister Wives Season 5. Initially there was a shock as to why she has decided to take such a move, but when the fans finally came to know the reason for her decision, they decided to stand by her.

Sister Wives is a controversial reality show on TLC that follows the life of a polygamous family. The series shows the Brown family that is a part of the Mormon church of Apostolic United Brethren and is centered round the patriarch Kody Brown who has four wives.

Kody has seen a lot of backlashes from the legal departments, but he is of the stand that he isn’t breaking any law of the country. Polygamy is banned in the United States, but he is married to only one of his wives socially, he is married spiritually with the other three.

Meri’s decision of divorcing Kody was believed to be this aspect. Robyn who is spiritually married to Kody is having a nasty custody battle with her ex-husband over two of their kids. In order to enable Robyn to win their custody, she needs to have the support of a legal husband.

Meri realized that Robyn needs to be legally married to Robyn for her to have any chance of winning back her children and hence she divorced Kody, who she had been married to for 25 years to allow Robyn become his lawfully legal wife.

Sister Wives Season 6 will take up this issue and follow the court drama that Robyn will have to face. Meri and Robyn seemed to have been getting along very well, with Meri sacrificing her marriage for Robyn’s happiness. However, by the looks of it, things seem to have hit an all time low.

In the recent posts that Meri and Robyn has shared, it looks like the two are talking about each other and they certainly are not pleasant things. Robyn wrote about betrayal and selfishness and it was followed by Meri’s post that talked about not letting some else walk over her life.

By the looks of it Sister Wives Season 6 will be dealing with a lot of issues. The dynamics of the Brown family are changing and things are going to change. While some love change, others not so. Janelle is someone who is not comfortable with the dynamics changing.

When Kody and Robyn had informed her that they would be separating she had an issue with it because she felt hat things will not be the same around the house and she wasn’t very positive about it.

Meri doesn’t seem to be the only one who has an issue with Robyn. Janelle seems to be having some trouble accepting the fact that Robyn is suddenly becoming the focus of all the attention. Robyn is going to be the centre of Sister Wives Season 6 since she will be marrying Kody, the legal battle for the custody of her children will also be prime focus this season.

Sister Wives Season 6

To add to this, Kody Brown in an interview with People Magazine that Robyn is expecting their second child and its due in January 2016. This would be the 18th children in the household and while Meri and Christine had extended their congratulations to the expecting parents, Janelle stayed away and merely reposted Christine’s tweet.

Sister Wives Season 6 is also set to deal with some very pertinent rumors that are doing the rounds. By the look of it, Meri’s post seems to speak more than they appear to.


  1. When I first started watching the show I truly enjoyed seeing how they made the “family ” work,then came Robyn. Such a difference with her in the picture.. They should have left the dynamics as they were. I feel very sad for the first three wives. I am now of the opinion that Meri, Christine, and Janelle should find a life of their own.

  2. Meri your worth so much more then sharing a man, please get away from these wierdos.robin shouldnt bring her kids into this mess.i hope her ex hubby wins full custody. Run meri, run!!

  3. Christine has had pressure placed upon her for sometime in a unjust manner. Isolation can take many forms and none are in the least conducive to peace and harmonious happiness. Very unfair.

  4. Robyn, as far as I remember, was in the first episode. However, she has tended to unbalance the plural marriage through perhaps no fault of her own. The finger pointing should actually be pointed at Kody, who’s maybe tried but has not been impartial. Janelle has been hurt emotionally, and also Meri and Christine to a lesser extent. The equilibrium never is close to what is rightfully expected and promised. Kody has disappointed those who love him in a multitude of ways. Kody needs to be much more thoughtful and considerate, he requires a steadfast mentor to guide and advise him to open his heart to each of his wives through being open, transparent and completely sincere, in the form of a Bishop who could lovingly guide him. If Kody would but ask, Heavenly Father would answer his prayers in this and every regard. To seek help is not a weakness, but a sign of strength and good judgement.

  5. Ran to robin and kody here in anchorage alaska which was awsome but, as soon as noticed it was them i went looking for mari. she’s my fav bfore the split but it sure seems like i constantly see kody more with robin only on set and off set…

  6. I love Meri. Love Janelle. Love Christine. They and their family were amazinggggg before Robyn. When they were buying their houses in Vegas, the real estate agent even noticed how Kody favored Robyn! Robyn has been nothing but a big bag of drama, pity and extra baggage since she became a fourth wife. Kody is all over the place and needs to get back into a church so he can be reminded how he is supposed to be as a husband of multiple wives. Robyn, go away!!!!! Meri, come back!!!!!!