Sister Wives Season 6: Christine Complains, Kody And Robyn Relationship Causing Problem, More Details


Sister Wives Season 6 is heating up. Polygamist Kody Brown seems to be in a fix as seen in the last episode of the show. There is a lot of tension that is brewing between his wives and he is in a fix about how to solve the issue.

In the upcoming episode that will be featured on Sunday, Kody Brown is going to take his wife Christine Brown to Galvestone for their anniversary and what would have been a romantic getaway turns out to be a confessional.

While at the Galvestone, Christine reveals to Kody that she feels that he is giving all his attention to his new legal wife Robyn and this isn’t going down well with her. Kody doesn’t know how to deal with the situation and the anniversary plan becomes a therapy session for the couple with Kody trying to cope with the sudden allegation.

Christine hasn’t enjoyed a lot of focus lately, since all the drama in Sister Wives Season 6 was focus on Meri and Kody’s divorce and the marriage between Robyn and Kody. Robyn’s legal battle for the custody of her children, with her ex-husband was also the prime focus this season.

There has been reports that Janelle, one of Kody’s wife has been vocal about the fact that dynamics in the Brown family is set to change with Robyn coming into the limelight and she has been skeptical about it since she isn’t a big fan of changes.

Christine has never been vocal or has never spoke about any issues and she was always in the background. Kody has lately been preoccupied with all the formalities for the adoption of Robyn’s children and hasn’t been focusing on any other aspect of the family.

There has not been any official confirmation about the problem between Christine and Kody, but it is likely to be this issue. The trailer gives enough hints to suggest that things aren’t as good as they projected to be in the photos and comments by the members of the Brown family.

Robyn’s children had recently consented to Kody adopting them. However, this is just the beginning of a lot of legal drama. Kody and his new legal wife will have to go ahead with the adoption process and this might mean that Kody will have lesser time to focus on his other wives and children and might create added problem.

Sister Wives Season 6

Christine Brown recently spoke in a confessional video stating her views on the relationship between Kody and Robyn. She said that she finds their relationship suffocating. Kody seems to giving more attention to Robyn and her children these days and while building his relationship with Robyn seems to have forgotten that he is hampering his other relationships.

The Browns were initially of the opinion that the divorce of Meri and Kody and then the marriage between Kody and Robyn will just be matter of signing some papers; it will not hamper or change the dynamics in the family. However, it looks like the Brown family was too rash in their opinion in this matter.


  1. I don’t mind the lifestyle they have chosen as long as it works for them but they seem far from happy.

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