Sister Wives: Overton Writing a Book On Meri Brown, Available for Pre-Order, Christine Isn’t Happy!


The Brown family just can’t seem to keep Meri Brown’s catfish episode behind them. It was first revealed in the Tell-All episode of Sister Wives Season 6 and had been all over the internet and now there is going to be a book written on it.

Jacquelyn Overton, the woman who cat-fished Meri Brown claiming to be a man named Sam has come out to reveal that she will be publishing a 200-page book called Almost Meri’ed that will be her version of what had happened in her relationship with Meri Brown.

Jacquelyn Overton has told Radar Online that she is writing a love story where the readers will find out never before heard details about her affair with Meri. Overton claims in her blog that she is going to make public photos, snippets of text conversations that the two of them have had and a lot of details that will give people an idea of how involved the two of them were in the relationship.

According to Design & Trend, Overton is going to make the e-book available for $6. She said that given that it is almost 200n pages long and would contain so many interesting insights, the readers will be able to spend $6 for a first time author. The book is already available for pre-order and will be released soon.

In Touch Weekly has reported that Meri doesn’t want to have anything to do with the book that Overton wants to publish.

Meri Brown has had a tough time this season of Sister Wives. She divorced Kody Brown to give Robyn the opportunity to marry and become his legal wife and get a chance to win over the custody of her three children.

Robyn had been fighting a nasty custody battle with her ex-husband and with Kody as her legal husband she had a better chance at winning over the custody of her three children. Meri and Robyn had always been very close and she decided to take the call and divorce Kody to become his spiritual wife.

On seeing Robyn and Kody enjoying their legal marriage, Meri had gone into depression and that is when she came across Sam aka Jacquelyn Overton online. The two started chatting and Meri enjoyed the attention that the stranger was showering on her, something that she was missing out from her spiritual husband in real life.

However, she soon realized that something is amiss and came to realize that the so called Sam was actually Overton and she was devastated. She struggled to come to terms with the situation on her own, but ultimately ended up confessing to her extended family about the catfish episode.

Sister Wives Season 6

Meri had been skeptical since she felt that they would judge her for having an affair online, but they stood by her like pillars and said that they hoped that she had come out to talk to them earlier. Kody said that he wouldn’t judge Meri for what she had done since she was in a difficult position and he should have been here for her.

It isn’t just Meri who had felt terrible after becoming distant from Kody. His other spiritual wife, Christine had also expressed her concern over her importance in the Brown family. Christine Brown is someone who has come from a polygamist family and she had always wanted to be married into such a household.


  1. Just be ready to wait if you feel you have to pre-order Mr. Cooper’s book. For some reason he seems to be stuck doing the cover art, so who knows how long it will take eventually take to get it perfect. The delay is quite frustrating.

  2. It is supposed to be released today. I have not received the email yet but I’m sure by tomorrow everyone will have it unless Meri took legal action to prevent it. Sam did state that sex photos of he and Meri would be included and that they were very explicit. Apparently Lindsay was the photographer, I hope they are better done than what Lindsay does with her selfies. Why Meri would allow Lindsay to document every sex act seems strange. Perhaps the Sister Wives document each other and that’s why Meri was comfortable with it. Polygamy? Maybe Sam will explain it all in the book. I’m really eager to find out how Jackie Overtons’ name got mixed up with Meri and Sam.