Sister Wives: Meri Catfished Online, Opens Up To The Family About It, And More Details


Sister Wives Season 6 will soon see Kody Brown and his new legal wife, Robyn declare the sex of the baby. The couple had announced that they are expecting their second child earlier this year and they are now set to reveal to the world if they are having a boy or a girl.

It’s been a rather exciting year for Robyn and Kody Brown. The two of them got married when Meri Brown decided to end her 25 years marriage with Kody in favor of Robyn. Robyn had been having a lot of issues regarding the custody of her three children with her ex-husband and Meri decided to give up her position as the legal wife so that Robyn could win the custody battle.

After the marriage, Kody had to start with the process of getting the guardianship of the three children and with their formal consent, Kody won their custody. With the marriage and the adoption settled, Kody and Robyn are now focusing on Robyn’s pregnancy.

There were speculations that Robyn might be expecting twins this time since she had been talking about how different her pregnancy feels this time. A mother of four, she has been feeling more nauseous and had even started showing faster than before. However, when the couple went to check up, they were informed by the midwife that Robyn is pregnant with only one kid.

Episode 9 of Sister Wives Season 6 will see the whole Brown family packing up their bags and heading for a trip to Alaska. The other wives of Kody, especially Christine had complained that Kody hardly spends time with her other wives ever since he married Robyn.

Kody decided to work on that issue and now with the custody battle also sorted down, he did go on a trip with all his daughters and now it looks like the patriarch of the Brown family is going to work out a trip where the whole family can have fun together.

Kody and Robyn’s marriage was expected to bring about a lot of chance in the Brown family. Although there have been issues with the other wives with Robyn stealing all the attention, they seemed to have worked things out. The official Facebook page of Sister Wives has photos of the family together and they seem to have a working relationship.

In the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Robyn are expected to announce the sex of their baby, before they go for the vacation, but viewers know that things aren’t going to be very smooth since Meri is going to be out with something that will shake them up.

Sister Wives Season 6

The trailer shows Meri saying that the family doesn’t know how bad things are and viewers can only wait for what she has to say. Meri has been having a tough year so far. It wasn’t easy for her to give up her marriage of so many years for Robyn.

In those vulnerable times, she had found solace in a friendship she had developed with a man online. However, in an interview with People Magazine, Meri Brown revealed that she is shocked at finding out that the man she has been chatting with online was a woman. She is going to reveal that she has been catfished by a woman online to her family and she is completely shaken up by the whole episode.


  1. Meri was all alone with no one to talk to or confide in, so yeah if someone replies on twitter this is going to happen. It was inevitable that she would fall in love with whoever tweatted first to her. Too bad it had to be who it was instead of some good looking normal multi millionaire who was looking for a nice denim clad forty something married Mormon lady involved in a Polygamist five way.

  2. Sad to be Kody. Some wive’s hate him, many of his children hate him, and 99% of viewer’s hate him. The guy is is doing something wrong to be so universally disliked as a human being. He just does not get his creep factor and keeps alienating everyone.

  3. all of these women have low self esteem .. Why on earth would they live this way.. Mary needs to run from this…… What will they do when Kody decides he wants a new spiritual wife? By the way I do not see any thing spiritual about this … However I am not Mormon and do not know about the religion

  4. Furthemore where are all the children the show only focuses on a few! I noticed some children in few episodes I do not recognize. Does the children get to chose whether or not they appear?

  5. how on earth does this family support itself? 4 huge new houses, kids in college, groceries over $2500, vacations, cars, etc. and nobody works!

  6. My heart goes out to Meri. She divorced Kody for them to adopt the kids which is really a unbelievable gift. Then to have to watch Robin and Kody together all the time had to be painful. I don’t care what anyone says Robin is on a mission to control the whole family and it’s working. Sick of Kody and Robin . The others wives deserve much better

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