Selena Gomez: Promotes New Album Revival, Talks About Fighting Lupus, Is Angry with Bieber!


Before Selena Gomez was to appear for The Today Show, fans were expecting that she would sing one of the songs from her upcoming album Revival and Selena Gomez did not disappoint her fans. There were hundreds of fans waiting at the Time Square waiting for Selena Gomez and she took the stage while belting out Good For You.

She was wearing a white sweater with a sexy black outfit inside and when she opened her sweater mid-stage, the whole crowd cheered her on. Fans will agree in unison on the point that Selena Gomez has never looked hotter in any of her earlier performances.

Selena Gomez had appeared at The Today Show to promote her album Revival. She informed Matt Lauer that she has gone through a life changing phase of her life and this phase has completed changed her perspective on life. Her new album, Revival is a reflection on this transition.

Selena Gomez belted some of her old numbers and her fans feel that there is a spark in her voice that provide a new edge to her old numbers as well. Selena Gomez interacted with the fans and chatted with them from the stage.

Selena Gomez was her usual cheerful and bubbly self. She was joking with host Matt Lauer and also the crowd. It looked that Selena Gomez was happy and excited to be at The Today Show and she was there to prove to the world the new Selena Gomez that she has transformed into.

Selena Gomez didn’t only use the popular television show to promote her upcoming album and the Revival tour that she has scheduled for next year; she also used the platform to talk about Lupus that she has been suffering from, for a very long time.

She talked about how difficult it was for her during the phase when she was struggling with Lupus. She was undergoing chemotherapy and she couldn’t believe that the media was going all out to trash her during the same time.

Deadline reported how Selena Gomez struggled to come to terms with the disease and that it took a lot of time for her to become confident and comfortable enough to talk to the media about it.

It has taken Selena Gomez a lot of time to come to terms with her fight with Lupus. She did finally come clean with it after years of deferring from commenting on the issue. There was a lot of speculation in the media that Selena Gomez was suffering from Lupus after she was spotted looking pudgy at the Vanity Fair after-party earlier this year.

Selena Gomez has said that Lupus is a disease that isn’t very well known and as a famous personality who has gone through the suffering on her own, she wants to spread word about the disease and encourage young girls to come out and talk about their disease.

She doesn’t want young girls to go through the trauma of the disease on their own and hence wants to speak publicly about lupus and help them out.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, as the media has noticed is a new girl these days. She looks cheerful, confident and happy. When talking about her new self in the 9th October episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said that she has gotten a lot of help from her close friends and family.

When Ellen mentioned that she should start seeing someone now and suggested that her best friend Taylor Swift should get a new man for her, they both agreed that Taylor Swift has certainly gotten a stud not that she is settling down with Calvin Harris.


  1. I went thru the same thing if lupus doesn’t kill you , it feels like the side affects will. I saw a holistic Dr in Santa Monica and have been in remission for 8 years. My thoughts and prayers are with her.