Scandal Season 5: Goldwyn Set to return To the Director’s Chair, is Elizabeth North after the President? And More!


The latest news from the ABC hit series Scandal Season 5 is that President Fitzgerald (Tony Goldwyn) is set to don the director’s cap in episode 2 of the upcoming series.

The actor recently shared a video of his first day in office as the director of Scandal Season 5. He captioned the photo saying that it doesn’t look good if the director of the episode is late, even if he is the president.

Cartermatt has come out with the news that this is not the first time that Tony Goldwyn has gone ahead and directed an episode in the popular television series. Goldwyn has already directed three episodes in the previous four seasons.

Scandal Season 5 will see fans getting the answers to a lot of questions that they are desperately waiting for. In Scandal Season 5 Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and President Grant will be finally coming together.

This was possible only because the First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) was exposed by Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) to have an association with Rowan Pope (Joe Morton).

Elizabeth North won the President’s favor with this move, but fans are still unclear about what North is actually aiming for. Is she going after Mellie to finally penalize the President or is she really on the President’s side? Elizabeth North, however, got what she had been waiting for- she became the new Head of Staff for the White House.

Scandal Season 4 saw Rowan Pope head-off to the jail. Fans are sure that before Scandal Season 5 can go beyond a few episodes, he will be out of there. It is not possible for a man like Rowan Pope, who enjoys so much power and presence to be locked up behind bars for embezzlement.

Scandal Season 5 will see Rowan Pope out on revenge. Olivia Pope is going to have to build a strong group to protect herself from her father, who’s only proof of loving his daughter is that he has still not tried to kill her off. With Olivia going all out to make sure that her father stays behind the bars, it looks like Rowan Pope may not take things lightly anymore.

In Scandal Season 5 Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant will be like normal couples or so it looks from the video that has been released. In the new clip, Olivia Pope and President Fitz are standing in the balcony of the White House and kissing passionately. The background music for the video has Etta James’ hit single “At Last.”

Olivia Pope and President Grant had fallen in love in the initial seasons, but they had to stay apart because of their individual commitments. The two did end up in a sexual relationship outside their partners, but they decided to discontinue with it.

Although Scandal Season 5 will see the two coming together, nothing comes easily for Pope or Fitz, so it is to see how much they have to struggle to be together.

Another rumor surrounding Scandal Season 5 that’s running high is that this might be the last season for Scott Foley (Jake Ballard). The previous season saw Scott Foley being shot. Foley also gave his blessings to Olivia and gave her his permission to be with the man she truly loves.

Fans believe that Foley’s blessings indicate that he will not survive the gunshot. Scott Foley has shared photos from the shoot of Scandal Season 5 silencing the rumors that he has been removed from the show.

Scandal Season 5

Star Magazine has informed that Kerry Washington’s tense relationship with Jake Ballard is responsible for Scott Foley being removed from Scandal Season 5.

Kerry Washington shares a very close relationship with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show. Kerry Washington has been having differences with Jake Ballard for a long time now and it is believed that this is responsible for Jake Ballard being removed from the series.


  1. No Olivia and Fitz will not have a happy life as long as Rowan Pope, Mellie and Cyrus is around. Someone out of the blue will go after either Olivia, Fitz or the both of them. They will never be a happy couple.