Samsung Pay Activated On Samsung Gear S2, New Updates Being Rolled Out, Gear S3 Likely To Be Launched at The IFA 2016!



There has been a talk of Samsung Gear S2 introducing Samsung Pay for the smartwatch back in 2015. While the proposed move never happened for over a year, it looks like Samsung has finally delivered on their promise and is rolling out the NFC payment feature. The Samsung Pay was available in a beta mode, but since then there has been a recent update on it, which made the beta version into a public one.

The users who have the Samsung Gear S2 can activate the beta version of beta Samsung Pay by updating the software of the watch. Users can also update the Samsung Gear app to get the updated version.  Once the software has been updated, the user has to tap the Samsung Pay Beta on the Gear S2 to get things started.

Some users who have started using the Samsung Pay Beta on the Samsung Gear S2 have complained of the app being a slow one. The Verge reported that users would have to register one card at a time, and this can get a little time consuming. However, users are not losing their head over this slight issue because they are happy with the fact that Samsung Gear S2 has become powered by the Samsung Pay.

This can be a little bothersome for users who have already registered on Samsung Pay in their other Samsung smartphone. However one this sign-up option is complete, the users of Samsung Gear S2 have to lower their wrist to a payment portal of the NFC and watch as their payments get processed.

Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 allows its usersto use the Samsung Pay at every payment terminal that allows credit card transactions. This means users can effectively make their payments without having to take out their wallet. They just have to move their arm and make the payment.

While Samsung Pay has been activated in Samsung Gear S2, it has so far only happened  in the devices that only have Bluetooth facility and not the ones that are 3G models. The 3G models work independently from that of a smartphone, and there is no official word on when these will get the Samsung Pay app.

While Samsung has not made any announcement regarding the Samsung Pay feature in the 3G models of Samsung Gear S2, users feel that since the 3G models work independently of their smartphone, they do not need to carry their phones along with it. They can easily leave their phone behind and still make and receive calls and make payments if Samsung Pay is activated on it.

Samsung Gear S2

According to GSM Arena, ever since Samsung released the Gear S2 it has continuously been working to update and improve the smartwatch. The Korean tech giants have been working really hard to make some changes and updates, and reports suggest that these updates and changes have all been formalized. Samsung is now ready to roll them out into the Samsung Gear S2.

The update for Samsung Gear S2 is going to have the firmware number R730XXU2DPFB for Gear S2, and Gear S2 Classic is going to have a firmware number R732XXU2DPFB. The new updates for Samsung Gear S2 will enable the smartphone to download its apps from the interface without having to do anything with the smartphone.


  1. What they don’t say also that you must have a Samsung smartphone in order to get in on this update.. So not right..