Sackhoff Hints At An Old Character Coming Back In Longmire, Beaumon To Enter The Show As Monahan’s Son, And More


Longmire Season 5 has started production and there is a lot of buzz surrounding what fans can expect in the coming season. Longmire got a new lease of life with Netflix and Season 4 was a huge success. Ever since the cliff-hanger finale of Season 4, fans have been dying to find out what’s next. Netflix releases their whole season together, instead of one episode at a time and hence fans will have to wait longer to find out what happens next.

With the production under way and with the cast members sharing photos and scoops from the sets, there are some spoilers that the fans of Longmire can gather from them. Katee Sackhoff was the first one to hint at the possibility of an old character returning in Season 5 of Longmire. She had mentioned this information on her Twitter account and ever since then fans have speculating about whether the person concerned is Omar.

Fans have taken to speculating who the character could be. Some believe that it might be Branch (Bailey Chase), but then that doesn’t look like a possibility since his storyline was completely finished when the showrunners killed his character. There is a possibility that Zachary might be coming back, but then Barry Sloane, who plays the role, is very busy with other projects. In spite of these arguments, there is still the possibility of each of these characters coming back.

Christian Post has reported that apart from old character being brought in, Longmire Season 5 will also bring in a new character. Sterling Beaumon had announced that he will be a part of the fifth season of Longmire and his character is going to be a recurring one. The 20 year old had earned quite a reputation for himself with his roles in Law & Order SVU, Lost, Clue and Criminal Minds.

There are reports stating that he will play the role of an obnoxious kid, Andrew Price.His first scene will be one where he will be caught rummaging through Doctor Donna Monahan’s (Ally Walker) cupboard. He will be caught in the act by Walt Longmire and Vic. Beaumon will go on to play an important role in Longmire Season 5 since he will claim to be Monahan’s son.

Donna and Walt seem to have a relationship developing and there are speculations that Andrew might be a problem for their new romance. This season will focus on Walt Longmire’s love life, as it had been mentioned before. With Andrew coming into the picture, there are chances that Walt may turn his attention towards Vic.

Parent Herald reported that Katee Sackhoff’s character, Vic, is set to get a good story arc in Season 5 of Longmire. Those who have read the novels by Craig Johnson, on which the series has been based, are already aware that Vic and Longmire have a relationship. However, it isn’t going to be that simple in the television series.

Longmire Season 5

The viewers have already expressed their opinion on the pairing of Vic and Walt Longmire and feel that Vic is too young to be his girlfriend. The executive producer, Hunt Baldwin has reported that things aren’t going to be easy for Vic and Walt.

Vic has just ended her marriage and she is hesitant about starting a relationship soon after. There is evidently some chemistry between Walt and Vic, but there are going to be other characters coming in and things are set to get pretty complicated.


  1. You must get Walt & Vic back together!!!!!!
    Vic tried to at the beginning & Walt didn’t want to. I don’t get it.
    She is NOT too young for him as some fans have said. They’re perfect together, when they’re working & when they’re not.
    Donna HAS to go. I didn’t like last season because of Walt & Donna being
    together – & I loved all the others!