Sabre Week Event Underway in GTA 5 Online, Micro-Transactions of the Game Generate a Revenue of $500 Million!


GTA 5 Online is the multiplayer version of the immensely popular open-world action shooting game GTA 5. The game has seen numerous events in the past and the latest reports suggest that Rockstar has announced one more event for the game which has been named- Sabre Week.

The event began on April 15 and it will last till April 21.  During this period, fans will be able to earn bonus RP by competing in various in-game events. They will also be able to avail discounts on various in-game items during this period.

This event will also incorporate a brand new vehicle into the game. The new vehicle that will be brought forth by the event is a Sabre Turbo Custom and hence the name of the event- Sabre Week. Like all the other vehicles in the game, this one too will be fully customizable at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

It should be mentioned here that though the event began on April 15, the new vehicle won’t be arriving before April 19.

Players will be able to replace the stock interior of the vehicle with a fancy one at the Motor Works. New engine blocks can also be fitted into the vehicle. It can be upgraded with the powerful V8 engine too. Other upgrades can also be fitted into the car.

During this event, all the tattoos and hairstyles within the game can be availed at a discount of 50 percent. There will be a discount of 20 percent on all the properties and some selected Lowriders clothing can be acquired at a discount of 25 percent during this period.

Double the regular amount of RP can be earned by players by competing in various events during the event. The events that will give away double RP during Sabre Week are- riding-with-friends and Impromptu races. It can also be earned in some special playlists centered around races.

A schedule depicting the various Double RP events and their respective dates are given below-

  • Double RP on Super Car racing was available from Friday, April 15 to Sunday, April 17.
  • Double RP on Lowriders Street Racing will be available from Monday, April 18 to Tuesday, April 19.
  • Double RP on Mixed Road racing will be available from Wednesday, April 20 to Thursday, April 21.

Apart from these, Rockstar is also offering some extra in-game currency to fans who purchase cash card with real money during this period. The $500,000 pack which comes with a real world price tag of $10 will come with an extra $75,000 bucks. An extra $4 million will be included in the $8 million package which comes with the price tag of $100.

The extra in-game money will be delivered to the player’s profile by April 29.

Between April 15 and April 21, players who own properties within the game will be able to receive free services from their personal mechanics.

In other news, various reports are stating that Rockstar has made $500 million in micro-transactions of GTA 5 Online. The news came via a lawsuit that has been filed by the former President of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies against Take-Two Interactive.

GTA 5 Online

The various micro-transactions in the game allows players to speed up the progress speed of the game by purchasing cash cards. In the lawsuit, the micro-transactions have been dubbed as a cash generating tool for Rockstar.

The cash cards offer in-game money to players which can be spent to purchase a number of items within the game. These items help speed up the progression process of the game. Several types of cash cards are currently available within the game which include- Bull Card, Great White Card, and Whale Card.


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