Rumors Of Luke Hemmings And Arzaylea Breakup Slashed, Calum Hood Makes Shocking Confessions!


Luke Hemmings, the 5SOS star decided to slash all rumors regarding the breakup with his girlfriend Arzaylea. There was a lot of freshly cooked up story between the two and his latest declarations might put an end to that.

Few weeks back, we saw unconfirmed rumors which were floating haywire across the internet and Social Medias, stating that Hemmings has called off his relationship with Arzaylea.

People were wondering whether it was just a rumor. The guitarist of 5SOS recently declared in a Rolling Stone interview that he was dating the 21 year old brunette beauty. However, it seems like fans were really upset about bringing Arzaylea in the interview.

According to reports, Hemmings brought Arzaylea to the interview with Rolling Stone reporter to a well-known Italian restaurant. Hollywood Take further reports that the two lovebirds were showing off PDA throughout the entire interview with a lot of stuff like holding hands among others. While talking with the reporter, he noticed Arzaylea was actually rubbing Hemmings’ leg.

Later, the two were also seen in a Charlotte concert. From the looks of it, the couple is official. There were a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the breakup but all of them are false. From the interview, it was revealed that both of them are going pretty strong at it.

Earlier, some rumors cropped up when she was spotted kissing Michael Clifford, Luke’s co-star and best friend. However, Arzaylea debunked such rumors and declared, “why is everyone a liar and why does everyone believe everything they read.”

In the interview, it was also revealed how the couple met each other. According to reports, they met a really boring party which took place few months back. After coming to know that they had the same interest in music, they became friends and later they hit off. However, the fans are clearly not happy with Luke for bringing her to the interview.

She isn’t a part of 5 Seconds of Summer so why it is that she was included in a 5SOS exclusive interview. Arzaylea didn’t need to be a part of the interview since Bryana Holly wasn’t either.

In the end, Arzaylea ended up being mentioned more often compared to any other 5SOS star. People expressed that all they really care about is 5SOS and their music and not about Arzaylea and her sex life with Luke.

In the history of the music industry, you will notice loads of stories clearly focusing on the transformation from rags to riches. They clearly outline how some artists went through a really hard time, sacrificing a lot in order to turn their dreams of hitting big time into reality.

According to reports, 5SOS star Calum Hood revealed that he sure has a story to tell his grandchildren regarding what he went through in order to pursue a successful career in music. Calum explained during an interview with Rolling Stone that his mother was furious when he told her that she was joining 5SOS.

Luke Hemmings

In fact, she was so angry with him about making such a decision that in the heat of the moment, she decided to throw him out of their family home. According to Calum, his parents thought that he was making the worst possible decision. His mom also threw all his clothes out of his closet and Calum was like “F***”.

He said, “I left and I stayed somewhere else for a couple days, just being like, ‘Holy s***, I just made probably one of the biggest decisions of my life,” before adding, “But now it’s obviously worked out, thank God.”


  1. Honestly, I don’t understand why people won’t just let Luke be happy. No one should judge their relationship just because they think they actually have a shot at being with any of the boys. Not that I’m crushing dreams or anything, but seriously, get real. I understand Arzaylea did some bad things, and she even apologized for it, but we’re all human and we make mistakes, so just get over it that they’re together. I, quite frankly, believe they look cute together and I even support the two. Don’t go to hating me, because I’m just a regular fan like all the others, but just let it go already. They aren’t going to break up just because a handful of fans have their underwear in a twist. Its getting old at how people trash Arzaylea, just face it, YOURE JEALOUS and she’s happy. She’s very beautiful and doesn’t deserve any of the hate being thrown her way, shed just another person like us, and God made us all equal. Once again, stop nagging their relationship and stuff a Twinkie in your mouth, because you can’t say anything to change otherwise. *and send*