Rumors About the Expendables 4 Hint at Stallone Staying Out While Steve Austin Takes Over, Studio Working Hard for A 2017 Release!


There have been a lot of rumors circulating about the upcoming instalment of Expendables. While there are no official announcements regarding Expendables 4, there is a speculation that Steve Austin is going to be back as the villain in the film. Steve Austin had been approached by Sylvester Stallone for the role of the villain.

No light has been thrown on what the role will entail, but Steve Austin received a lot of rave reviews after he played the role of the villain in Expendables 1 and it looks like the reports suggesting his comeback into the franchise is true.

Ecumenical News has reported that Hulk Hogan is also going to join the cast for Expendables 4. Stallone had offered the role of the villain to the former wrestling star and given the relationship that they share, Hulk Hogan couldn’t refuse the offer.

There is no news on the role of Hulk Hogan, but fans of Sylvester Stallone are going to be a little disappointed to find out that the news that is doing the rounds is that Hulk Hogan will replace Stallone in Expendables 4.

Stallone is going to be starring in the sequel for Creed and given the tight schedule that he will be in for the film, there are chances that he will give Expendables 4 a miss. Terry Crews had told the media that Stallone will shift his attention to Creed since he has won the Best Supporting Actor and had also been nominated for the Oscar this year.

Terry Crews has informed Lawyer Herald that he is keen on being a part of Expendables 4, but he is going to be a part of the film only if Sylvester Stallone is going to be a part of it. Crews spoke to Collider while attending the VES Awards. He said that his entry into the franchise depends solely on what Sylvester Stallone decides to do.

The Expendables is a film that was considered to the brain child of Stallone and given that, Terry Crews said that he would be a part of the film only if Stallone agrees to continue within the franchise. He is busy with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he is going to be very happy to make time for Expendables 4 if Stallone becomes a part of it.

Stallone had a very successful run this year with nominations in all the major award events. He won the Best Supporting Actor award in Golden Globes, but missed out on the award for the Supporting Role in Oscar. The award for the Actor in a Supporting Role went to Mark Rylance for his performance in the film Bridge of Spies.

Stallone has entered the big league this year, with Creed and hence Terry Crews feels that he will have a lot of other options that he might want to explore and try out. This might cause him to skip Expendables 4.

The Expendables 4

Stallone is very involved in the franchise and he has worked closely with the creative team. He might play the active role of a producer, but might not be available to play the role of Barney Ross in the upcoming film.

While Stallone is moving out of the picture, there is another wrestler who is very keen on becoming a part of Expendables 4. Dwayne Johnson has expressed his keen interest to be a part of the upcoming instalment and he has also stated that he would rather be one of the bad guys in the film than the good guys.


  1. That bullsh!t might fly on Planet Douchebag. If Stallone isn’t in the movie it will flop harder than Blade Trinity. He can kiss my ass and everyone else’s if he pulls this stunt of supreme asshattery.