Roku 4 Will Need To Be Competitively-Priced With Rumors Suggesting Better Processing Speed And 4K Support, More Details


The Roku 4 is the fourth iteration of one of the most popular media streaming devices in the world and it is expected to release before the end of this year. Right now, if the Saratoga-based company wishes to entertain initiatives of keeping its advantage in the completion in a market that is getting gradually-populated with time, there are certain pricing terms that it needs to focus on.

Roku was a pioneer and a benchmark-setter in the market for media-streaming devices and the competition is quite tough for general streaming devices from Roku. This is because Apple, Google and Amazon are joining the competition. In the global tech industry, these companies are well-reputed and globally recognized behemoths but they are yet to prove that their products can compete against the likes of Roku.

However, the recent reports suggest that the devices to be released by these companies in the near-future will be quite affordably-priced and unfortunately for Roku, this makes it quite an expensive and high-end option. As a result, the Roku 4 faces a great deal of competition compared to the streaming devices released by this company.

After Roku 3 released in the market, back in 2013, the segment for media-streaming devices is getting quite populated with time. Considering the laws and aspects of supply and demand, when the supply increases in comparison to the demand, the price generally tends to go down. This is the current scenario in the marketplace for streaming devices and all the competitors are battling for price superiority.

With the increased level of competition, capability of these devices is a secondary concern among companies. The number of streaming devices in the market is quite high and as a result, the prices are going down. Earlier, the Apple TV would be priced at $99 but presently, the tech giant reduced its prices by 20 dollars, in order to compete with Roku and take a portion of its considerable market share.

With a price of tag of $99, Roku still remains one of the costliest media-streaming devices in the market. It is in the same price range as that of the Amazon Fire TV and presently this device seems to be dominating sales over the Roku 3.

As a result, the consumers are presently recognizing the potential of Amazon Fire TV which comes with the same price tag. If Roku still wishes to maintain its popularity and dominance in the streaming devices market, it will definitely need to make its devices more palatable for the mass consumers.

Only in this way, along with some more strategies, Roku will be able to win back the ground that has been snatched by Amazon Fire TV. Present reports indicate that Roku 4 will release by the end of this year and will come with a price tag of $100.

The company hasn’t been releasing any information and specifications regarding the device but a lot of rumors and speculations are revealing many of its details. The latest reports suggest that Roku 4 will come with 4K support along with more memory and faster processing speeds. At the same time, the prices will be kept at a bare minimum. The company is probably facing some difficulties in fixing the price of Roku 4 and its competitors are experiencing the same dilemma.

Roku 4

In the meantime, Haier America and Roku Inc. recently announced the launch of their latest Haier Roku TV models for US customers. The new Haier TV was made available from 10th August 2015.

It will be available with retailers across the country, starting from Conn’s Home Plus and NATM stores such as Nebraska Furniture Mart to Nationwide Marketing Group retailers. These Haier Roku TV models include the sleek design of Haier TVs along with the high-quality imaging ensured by the Roku operating system.


  1. Couldn’t care less about 4K. Given the size of most TV’s, people cannot tell the difference between 4K and HD. Add to that the lack of 4K programming, and it just isn’t worth that much to me.

    Better feature I wish someone would come up with: I want the ability ti search for a program across all different sources: YouTube, U-Verse, broadcast TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. Give me a list of all shows, picture quality, on-demand or scheduled, free or not, etc.

  2. I couldn’t care less about 4K either, as I think it is just another gimmick (like 3D TV) that will not last very long. I don’t need or want a giant screen, either, as my apartment is very small and I simply don’t have the room for, say, a 50-inch or larger (!) display. However, I am wondering if my current Roku player (Roku 1) will continue to operate with my Insignia 19″ flat screen TV when the new Roku player (Roku 4) is introduced. I don’t like the idea of having to purchase new equipment every time the television standards change, and I don’t want to give up my Roku 1 player if it isn’t necessary to do so.