Robert Downey Jr. Might Not Make an Appearance in Iron Man 4, DC’s Batman Movie Scheduled for 2020, And More!


Marvel Studios is yet to confirm Iron Man 4 but the earliest that this movie could be released is in 2020 which is based on the production company’s movie release date calendar which was published last time in October.

The company has three mystery movies scheduled for that year. Recently, the latest rumors and speculations on the internet suggest that Robert Downey Jr. is getting tired of playing the role of Iron Man as Tony Stark; however he is probably considering how this franchise turned him into the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Robert Downey Jr. will simply decide to give up on another film. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios should not have a problem meeting Robert Downey Jr.’s salary demands for the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Even if it is $150 million, all the movies which featured him as Tony Stark and Iron Man, made good money at the box office. Another issue for the actor is that he isn’t getting any younger with each passing day.

Obviously, when he shoots Iron Man 4 in 2019, he is going to be a lot less agile compared to him shooting the Iron Man film back in 2011. A man who is in his mid-40s is definitely more agile and athletic compared to a man in his mid-fifties. Moreover, it will look weird if Tony Stark is an aged mid-50 year old while all his co-stars are in their mid to late thirties.

If Iron Man 4 finally gets the Green signal from Marvel Studios, it will be released in theaters on 2020. Furthermore, its biggest competition in the box office will be none other than DC’s Batman, which is scheduled to hit cinemas during that year.

It seems like Iron Man 4 will definitely assert its presence in the box office but a fresh story of the Dark Knight will certainly work things in DC’s favor, considering their Extended Universe Entry.

Meanwhile, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming soon. With this movie, the complexion of the superhero movie genre will definitely change regardless of whether someone admits it or not.

The DC Extended Universe is expected to give the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a good run for their money. By 2020, Iron Man’s character might already be exhausted among fans and they will probably wait for a new story about Batman.

It is due to this that recent reports indicate how Marvel might re-boot the Iron Man franchise if and when the movie receives a green signal for release in 2020. When you are looking at it from a business standpoint, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 4 will be an awesome bet for Marvel since these entire films feature the same actor in Tony Stark’s role and furthermore, the Iron-suit managed to make a lot of money at the box office.

Iron man 4

Marvel should still prefer Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man since all three of his films are certified blockbusters and the two Avengers movies he played in, made it to the Top 10 list of all-time highest grossing movies.

Considering all the latest sources, fans of the Iron Man franchise are expecting bad news since several reports indicate that the main star, Robert Downey Jr. might not return for a fourth installment. A report by Master Herald further confirms that Iron Man 4 is yet to be confirmed. However, when finally released, Downey will probably not reprise his role as billionaire eccentric genius inventor Tony Stark.


  1. No RDJ, no Marvel movies ever again for me. All of my family and friends only became interested in the Marvel Universe BECAUSE Robert Downey Jr was the ONLY and perfectly cast Tony Stark. Unlike James Bond and Batman RDJ is the ONLY Tony Stark. I seriously doubt RDJ’s age has anything to do with any decision to re-cast him. If all other reports are true it is Marvel/Disney who are too damn cheap to pay a man who single-handedly rebooted the genre and made BILLIONS for the franchise while only being paid a reported 83 million.

  2. If RDJ is said to be less agile and less action packed at the age of 50, tom cruise is 53atm and by 2020 he will be past 60, if tom cruise can play an action packed in MI5 then RDJ can too play IM4, no big deal.