Robert Downey Jr. May Not Return in Iron Man 4, Sequel Will Not Release Before 2020!


Iron Man 4 is going through a rough patch and according to some reports; Robert Downey Jr. may no longer play Iron Man in the upcoming movie. Fans are quite disappointed about hearing this rumor that Iron Man 4 will no longer be a part of the franchise.

There are speculations that the management is looking for someone else to join the cast as Iron Man, as a replacement for Tony Stark. According to Breathecast, the movie’s release date could be pushed back as well.

Meanwhile, the premiere date for Iron Man 4 could be pushed back to 2020 while the management works hard to come up with a new story and a new actor who can fill in for Robert Downey Jr.

In the previous sequel, Hayley Keener was portrayed by Ty Simpkins and according to the report, he is one of the possible candidates designated to become the replacement. Another factor which needs to be considered is Marvel’s schedule until 2020. According to the various reports, the studio has three films lined up and Iron Man 4 could fit into any one of these three different slots.

Rumors indicate that Downey has grown tired of playing Iron Man since 2008. Downey would be 55 years old if the movie is released in 2020 and by that time, it would be hard for him to keep up with the action that his character Stark is expected to be a part of. Keep in mind that these rumors are yet to be confirmed.

In the meantime, Master Herald has reported that Downey has a very high Talent Fee and therefore Disney and Marvel might decide not to offer him the main role in case he costs too much. The movie franchise has managed to bring in billions of dollars in revenue for the companies.

They will still however, not hesitate in deciding against including Downey in their payroll. There is no fixed release date and cast for Iron Man 4 revealed yet but more information is expected to surface in the coming years.

Besides the two Avenger movies, Iron Man has been the most lucrative of the Marvel films but according to reports, a fourth entry may not be in the books until 2020 or later. Master Herald reported that Marvel has its plate full with 14 movies releasing between 2016 and 2020.

The year will kick off with Captain America Civil War, followed by Dr. Strange and finally leading to the two-part Avengers Infinity War along with the Inhumans movie.

The solo Spiderman movie will also be added in the mix and it is considered to be a part of the Disney-Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is further expected that Sony’s Spiderman Franchise will branch out with its own sequels that will intersect with the MCU schedule.

Iron man 4

As a result, Marvel will need to be careful about their release dates while staying cautious about Sony’s release dates for the Spiderman franchise. This means that 2020 and beyond is the only possible schedule for Iron Man 4.

Therefore, there are a lot of possible issues stacking up one after the other. If too many Marvel films release within the same time, the viewers might get bored watching the same genre over and over again. Therefore, Marvel needs to keep it fresh and intact. At the same time, problems with Robert Downey Jr. and his talent fee might possibly result in him getting replaced.


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