Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man Might Be Replaced In Iron Man 4, Civil War Could Be the Last Movie for RDJ as Tony Stark!


Earlier, Robert Downey Jr. said that Captain America Civil War will be like his Iron Man 4 since a fourth stand-alone Iron Man movie is not in the cards. Looking at a statement like this, it seems clear that there won’t be a fourth Iron Man movie in the near future.

Joe Russo, the Civil War co-director already said that it is impossible to replace RJD as Iron Man and further explained that Iron Man might have to disappear for a while after MCU is done with the character.

He further added that in case the character is rebooted, a generational gap would be needed. He said, “That would allow another actor to at least have a chance to redefine that character without the enormous specter of Robert hanging over it.” As a result, there are two possibilities when it comes to the Iron Man franchise.

There could be no more Iron Man or no more Robert Downey Jr. If there is a possibility of no more Iron Man movies in the future, Marvel could decide to close the Tony Stark chapter in the upcoming Captain America Civil War. How is this possible?

According to Movie News Guide, Marvel is presenting new heroes like Black Panther, Ant-man and with that, they are trying to invest on a new set of heroes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are also speculations that the billionaire playboy wearing the red suit will be killed off soon.

Therefore, it perfectly makes sense why RDJ and Marvel have not signed in for any further movies. At the same time, Iron Man 4 can still happen with a different face. According to another Movie News Guide report, Marvel is preparing for three different films slated to be released on  2020 with  “Cyborg” (April 3) and “Green Lantern Corps” (June 19) as two of the three films.

The latest batch of rumors suggests that the third film which is yet to be announced by Marvel is actually Iron Man and according to the earlier reports, a new actor could take the role. Meanwhile, people are wondering whether four years would be enough for the generation gap for fans to welcome a whole new face, in the role of Iron Man.

The reports suggest that Robert Downey Jr. left a deep mark on the Iron Man movies and it is doubtful whether he will play Iron Man in the next installment. It is also said that he would agree to reprise his role as Iron Man.

However, his schedule might hold him back from doing the film. At the moment, fans are already expecting that Robert Downey Jr. could be featured in various upcoming movies like Avengers: Infinity War.

This could be the next project for him after Captain America Civil War. The tight schedule of the actor is the reason why Downey Jr. is skeptical about his role in Iron Man 4. At the same time, Marvel has the power to somehow pause the production of the next Avengers film in order to give away to Iron Man 4.

Iron man 4

Meanwhile, fans believe that the postponing of this movie is highly unlikely. Marvel could decide to make an Iron Man movie without Robert Downey Jr. in it.

There are several reasons why Marvel would decide to exclude Downey Jr. Besides the busy schedule of the actor, there are other reasons behind not including him, primarily his age.

Even though the actor looks really great, Marvel has probably taken into account that he is not getting any younger and in the next four years, his appearance could be a lot different.


  1. Marvel is definitely not releasing a Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020, or ever – considering that Green Lantern is not a Marvel franchise.