Rihanna Rumored to Be Dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake Talks About Being in A Genuine Relationship with Her!


Rihanna has sparked rumors of dating Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The two had started rumors of being together when they were spotted hanging out with each other last year. The fire had died down for a while, but it looks like there’s no putting the fire out now when they have been spotted once again.

The rumor about the Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna dating started when they were spotted hanging out at Coachella Music Festival together. They were again seen at Las Vegas and the rumor mills have started rolling once more.

Entertainment Tonight has come out to report that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio had started talking when they met at the opening of Intrigue Night Club in Las Vegas. Rihanna hadn’t intended to be there at the grand opening, but since she was in town for her Anti World Tour and had some free time in her hand, she decided to drop in.

When Rihanna walked in, Leonardo DiCaprio was already there and the two were spotted chatting at the VIP section of the club. At some point they were leaning at each other and whispering into the other’s ears.

This is a very common phenomenon at clubs since the music is so long. The two left the venue separately, but Complex has reported that they were spotted together at the Wynn Tower Suites along with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been linked with a lot of stars ever since he broke up with Kelly Rohrbach last year. The two had been engaged, after having dated for only four months. Leonardo DiCaprio was also spotted on what looked like a dinner date with Roxy Horner and there are rumors that Rihanna is in a direct competition with this blonde beauty to get to DiCaprio’s heart.

The general opinion is that there is nothing to hint at the fact that the two of them are dating. They have just been spotted chatting with each other at different places on two occasions and this in no way means that they are together.

On the other hand, there are reports claiming that Rihanna is dating Drake once again. The two had worked together for a track in her new album and they even performed together for her Anti World Tour. This isn’t all, Design & Trend reported that Drake even said that he and Rihanna are in a genuine relationship and that their collaboration gives way to good music.

Drake had recently sat for an interview with Zane Lowe and he said that Rihanna and he work well as a team and they make good music together. Drake went on to add that it is difficult for a girl and a guy to collaborate together, but then they have a chemistry, which works for them and makes the recording so much better.


Drake and Rihanna had broken up after it was revealed that he had cheated her. However, their recent performance at the Anti World Tour made the fans sit up and notice. Rihanna had always continued to have feelings for Drake and it was clear that she had again fallen for him while they were working on a song together.

Rihanna’s friends have supposedly warned her against Drake, but she is too enamored by him to think on getting hurt. She has claimed that she is keeping things very casual, but her friends know that Rihanna wears her heart on her sleeves and that she is treading the path to again get hurt.


  1. How could Drake talk about a relationship when Rihanna CLEARLY stated on “Ellen” she is definitely single? That would be drake’s imagination working overtime.